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How to maintain cloth furniture and get rid of stains

Fabric furniture has a soft texture, and it can be cleaned and replaced. It is very convenient and changeable in cleaning, maintenance and home decoration. So how to maintain cloth furniture?

1. Dry cleaning can better guarantee the service life

If there is stain on the cloth cover, wipe it with clean cloth and water. In order to avoid leaving marks, it is better to wipe it from the outside of the stain. Velvet fabric furniture shall not be stained with water, and dry cleaning agent shall be used. All cloth covers and linings shall be cleaned by dry cleaning. It is not allowed to wash with water, and bleaching is prohibited.

Usually, you should avoid sitting on the furniture with sweat, water and mud dust, which will contaminate the furniture and clean it, easily damaging the service life of the furniture. Dust shall be removed at least once a week, especially between fabric structures.

2. Multiple turning to prevent wear

Cloth art mat or mattress should be frequently turned over and used, once a week, how to save money in decoration? Go to home furnishing net, free design budget quotation. Make the worn parts evenly distributed. Keep a gap of 0.5-1cm between the wall and the part against the wall of furniture to prevent wear and tear caused by contacting the wall.

Try to avoid many people often sitting on the edge of the mattress, do not trample on the mattress to keep the mattress flat and extend its service life; turn the mattress over regularly, turn it up and down or head to tail, so that the stress on the mattress tends to be even, generally it should be replaced once every three months; place a cotton felt or quilt at the contact part of the spring mattress and the bedstead to reduce friction.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

Cloth furniture should try to avoid the whole outdoor sunshine or the time exposure of the bureau director. The overheated temperature will cause the cloth to dry and harden, easy to crack. Therefore, the placement of fabric furniture is best to avoid direct sunlight, or use translucent Tulle curtains to block direct sunlight, so that the indoor environment can be decorated without affecting the lighting.