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How to prevent and treat back acne

How to prevent and treat back acne many netizens ask about acne on their back. They don't know what's going on. Although they don't feel so anxious about it, they are sure to have acne. When they take a bath, it's even more painful. What's going on with acne on their back? Let's see what experts say.

As the back skin is not as convenient as the face cleaning, the cuticle will be thicker than the face. In addition, the clothes are hot and sultry, which is easy to breed bacteria, and sweat and oil, so too thick cuticle will lead to acne.

Back acne is also caused by pore oil blockage, usually because we can't wash the back, or we are in the environment of low air quality for a long time, it is inevitable that many small dust can't be seen by the naked eye will accumulate in the pores. If we can't build the bottom to remove it, the pores will be blocked for a long time.

Back acne treatment and nursing:

1. The drugs for internal administration are mainly antibiotics, mainly anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, but some drugs contain tetracycline. If taken for a long time, it will increase the burden of liver and kidney, especially for pregnant women. Therefore, it is necessary to have a doctor's prescription, and communicate with the doctor when going to see the doctor whether he has taken the prescription prescribed by other doctors or other hospitals.

2. Treatment of retinoic acid drugs: the treatment of acne with retinoic acid drugs can directly or indirectly affect the four main links of acne: inhibiting the function of sebaceous gland; resisting the keratosis of sebaceous duct of hair follicle; inhibiting the growth of microorganisms in sebaceous duct of hair follicle; inhibiting inflammation. Therefore, retinoids are one of the most effective drugs for acne.

3. In the new treatment, in addition to the traditional syndrome differentiation and treatment of acne combination formula of traditional Chinese medicine, emphasis on both internal treatment and external treatment, syndrome differentiation treatment and special prescription treatment, on the other hand, there are also innovations in the treatment, such as in the medication, there are periodic medication for female patients. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to it, such as the determination of serum zinc, copper, vitamin A and vitamin e. the results show that they are significantly lower than those of healthy people, suggesting that the metabolism of trace elements in acne patients is disordered. Experimental study also showed that the blood viscosity of patients was higher than that of normal people, and excessive sebum was produced. All of these show that the disorder of sebum metabolism and the poor blood circulation are the important factors of the pathogenesis, which are quite consistent with the TCM acne combination formula that blood stasis and damp heat are pathogenic. Photodynamic therapy: the non thermal effect photodynamic acne treatment system is a new technology that uses photodynamic effect for disease diagnosis and treatment. Its function is based on photodynamic effect. It is a photochemical reaction with biological effects and the participation of oxygen molecules.

4. The correct way to deal with acne is not to squeeze or clean the needle. Keep the affected area clean and ask a doctor for treatment. Please ask a professional doctor for treatment instead of crowding. After extrusion, the structure of hair follicle is deformed, which is easy to cause disfigurement in different degrees.

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Back acne prevention and health care:

Acne on the back is mostly caused by folliculitis of the skin. This is related to the fat secretion of hair follicles on the back and the health management of bed sheets.

1. Keep the bed sheet and close fitting clothes clean. Because the back is the most direct contact with these things.

2. If you have more pimples and bigger ones, they are still serious.

3. The back is the reflex area of the lung. Lung heat or blocked meridians will cause back acne. Usually, you can eat more white and heat clearing food, such as tremella, Sydney, lily, white carrot, etc.

4. If you sweat too much, the clothes on your back will also breed bacteria. You should wash and change them frequently and be clean.

5. The most important thing to do after bath is to suck up the water on your body, press dry with towel, and then put on clothes, otherwise the clothes will get wet and stick to your back, which will also breed bacteria.

6. Skin allergy may also cause acne on the back. So find the allergen and avoid contact with the skin.

In addition to actively following the doctor's advice, we should also pay attention to the general treatment in daily life to prevent the occurrence and aggravation of acne.

1. Keep a happy mood and regular life, because irregular life with bad mood will cause or aggravate acne.

2. No smoking, no drinking, especially no strong liquor, no strong coffee and tea, less spicy and stimulating food, less candy and high-fat food, more vegetables and fruits, and unobstructed stool.

3. In the aspect of local nursing, pay special attention not to squeeze the rash, pay attention to facial cleaning, use soap with a little alkaline for oily skin, and use soap or cleanser with a little less alkaline for dry skin. Fourth, there are pustules or cysts, do not wash your face too hard, so as not to break the skin.

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