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How to judge whether a girl is playing with you

How to judge whether a girl is playing with you when a woman is sexiest, she plays with you. She makes your heart collide like a deer. Sometimes she is hot and restless. If she wants to develop further, she can't be sure. Sometimes she makes people love and hate. Sometimes you want to fall in love. Maybe that feeling makes you confused and fleeting. How to judge whether a girl is ambiguous with you Let's have a look!

Women often accuse marriage of unhappiness when they play ambiguous, poor Baba

She would like to chat with you alone. As a matter of fact, it's normal for a couple of friends to have a lesbian relationship. If she often talks about family pain and marriage misfortune to you with a little appreciation, then you can't be indifferent. She accuses you unreservedly of her husband's mediocrity, slovenness, despotism and lack of style. In this family, she is more happy than "Xi'er". She stands in front of the Great Wall, without crying, the old wall can fall down.

Women playing ambiguous will praise you and watch the world

Her character is as quiet as water, and she is steady and steady. In the same way, your clean appearance and proper words and deeds, let her fall; your calm and bold ability, make her convinced. Therefore, she likes to approach you unconsciously and praises your achievements intentionally. She ignores even your little problems. Every time she praises you, she will watch your words and pay attention to your reaction.

Women playing ambiguity will dress up weak and sick, expecting to care

Although she is not very beautiful, she has some charm. She has a pair of big talking eyes, scattered hair on her cheek and slightly wrinkled eyebrows, which are like a sick beauty, which makes men really reluctant to let her suffer. She is easygoing, kind-hearted, and articulate. But she made some small plans. Those foolish old men would be willing to go through fire and water. Although you are tired like a third grandson, as long as she calls you "big brother" affectionately and shyly, and then gently scrubbing the sweat dust on your face, the man suddenly feels comfortable. Even if you run the equator for her again, you are cool, excited and happy.

Women will be angry with you for nothing when they play ambiguous

Among her colleagues, she is really different. Sometimes when you smile and smile at you, it means that you have a special love for her; sometimes you are irascible and indifferent, because she finds that you are treated equally. She likes to win the favor, even if it is a music ticket, she either sits in front, so would rather not go. If you give her a little warmth, she will cherish it more; if you inadvertently ignore her existence, she will be in a state of loss, even in a state of agony. Some people say that she is like sister Lin. she denies that she just wants to be herself.

Women will pay attention to your life when they play ambiguity

Although she is not your wife, she shows her concern for you so that you can really feel her warmth. When you have a stomach disease, she quietly puts the stomach medicine on your desk; when you are in a bad mood, she will seize the opportunity to mobilize the masses and hold a party to make you happy. And she's just a backstage mastermind. Your tie is crooked. She can help you correct it when others are not aware of it. You walk down the office building, she quietly gives you an umbrella. Just when you think that she does more than that, suddenly the sky dark cloud billows, make you have to admire her carefully.

When women play ambiguity, they often knock on the sidelines and stab in the softness

Do you want to attract your attention, or can't see you at all? Her words are always cynical, especially in front of many beautiful women. Her voice is not high, not low, not warm, not hot. After listening, it always seems that there is a fishbone in her throat. You give each person an apple, she takes it, fiddles with it in her hand, smilingly says: 'it's not easy for leaders to think of me!' don't think she's like a mother. Every time you sweep the snow, she's the first to take the broom in your hand, 'don't sweep if you can't!' it's hard to hear, but she's very hot.

When women play ambiguity, their relationship will be far and near, and their mood will be vague

Originally, after a long period of running in, the distance between colleagues, friends and relations has long been finalized, and everything is OK. But her perversity makes you dizzy and funny. She threw a box of dumplings on your desk with a bang at noon today, and then whisked off. Tomorrow morning, I don't know what the big deal is. I'll have a face to face quarrel with you. You haven't said much about her, she's so angry that she tears a lot, which makes you in a dilemma.

Women play ambiguous as if they are innocent, simple and lovely

This reminds me of a novel character -- Sun jou Chia in Besieged City. How did she look at Fang hung Chien with simple eyes and listen to Fang's teasing without any knowledge? If a big liner could get stuck in the whale's teeth. However, men are often willing to be cheated. I would like to remind men that when you are eloquent in front of women, when you face the fear of a woman seeing a cockroach and stand in front of her bravely, it's hard for me to say whether you are smart or stupid.

Women will show off their amorous feelings face to face when playing ambiguity

She doesn't look like a pornographic woman in the movie. When she sees a handsome man, she throws away her books, and then goes naked with her hips up, or squats down to reveal the spring in her low collar. But she is definitely a master of selling her own coquettish. Her dress is sexy and fashionable, her walking posture is light and swinging. She's the best at tossing up her flowing hair, which makes your heart beat. When you look up at her back, she suddenly looks back and smiles. I don't know where your soul is at this time.

Women are sensitive to physical contact when playing ambiguity, but they don't dislike it

When she took your pen, she naturally grabbed your hand; when you taught her how to modify the document, she was next to you without restraint; when she told you about her dream last night with interest, her face was close to you; when your button was off, she couldn't help saying that she would sew it for you. You and her, have a very jealous tacit understanding, often just a look, a gesture, the other party will understand.