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The origin of "white lotus" award for Literature Award

The origin of "white lotus" award for Literature Award Recently, the "white lotus" prize set up by the flint literature prize has become a hot search. What is the original reason of the "white lotus" prize? The audience who knows the origin of the "white lotus" is in a state of uproar. The people who don't know how to eat melons are at a loss. Let's popularize the science of the "white lotus".

It is reported that the special "White Lotus Award" of this literature award is a special "award" to fight against the bad works suspected of plagiarism, manuscript washing and other acts, and eliminate the unhealthy trend of original literature. The shortlisted works are Tang Qi's "three lives and three lives and ten li peach blossom", Qin Jian's "splendid Weiyang" and Zhibai shouhei's "glory of the king of the League of heroes", which are all trapped on the Internet due to the suspected plagiarism and manuscript washing Enter into public opinion disputes. The host announced that after the selection of netizens, the "award" has fallen to "splendid Weiyang". When the host asked the winners whether they would come to the scene to receive the award, there was a burst of laughter. Li Bin, deputy secretary of the Tianjin Writers Association, said that the award was originally planned as the "golden snivel Award" and later changed to the "White Lotus Award" because he thought the name was not elegant. The purpose of setting up this award is to let readers understand the hard work of the original author, so as to consciously resist plagiarism and manuscript washing. Plagiarism damages both the original work and the plagiarist himself. '

Where does the white lotus come from and what does it mean? Let's make it up with you in August 18.

White lotus is the concept of characters in the novel, also known as the virgin white lotus. It is ironically described as the heroine represented by Qiongyao's novels and modern idol plays. They have a delicate and soft appearance, a kind and fragile glass heart, a loving feeling like the virgin and good luck to the contrary. It's the kind of harmless person who breaks his teeth and swallows his blood when he is wronged. His tears are always full of tears. Even if someone stabs her, as long as someone confesses and says sorry, he immediately becomes compassionate and forgives others happily. It also describes people as pure and kind-hearted, innocent, out of mud but not dyed, washed clean ripples but not demon.

So it seems that the pollution-free white lotus is the hidden mind bitch. It's better to live far away from the white lotus.

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