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Tiktok cake cake tiktok cake price

Tiktok cake cake tiktok cake price

How much is tiktok cake? Recently, the cake was used to frighten dogs tiktok. It's a Shapi dog cake lying down all the time. It's very lifelike. So where can I buy this cake? How much is it? Let's have a look!

How much is tiktok cake?

Is this cake very realistic?

This cake needs to be ordered a week in advance and delivered directly to the home. The price is 159 yuan. The price is acceptable. After all, the appearance is very good. The failure rate of making this cake is quite high.

I'm very happy when I eat, but I can't bear it. In fact, the taste is very general, mainly because of good appearance.

If you have girlfriends, you can buy this for your girlfriends. It's sure to please girls.

You can reserve this cake at the official account kiss time.