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How to choose the side and top of range hood

Sihaiwang: the kitchen is the hardest hit area with the most oil pollution. If you choose the right range hood, you will not only be less choked by the oil smoke, but also reduce many troubles for your cleaning work. There are many kinds of range hoods and brands on the market, but which range hoods are better to choose and which range hoods have good smoking effect?

From the perspective of the type of oil smoke absorption, the range hood is divided into top suction and side suction. So which is better?

How to choose the side and top of range hood

1. Side suction.

(1) the price is more expensive. The process is more complex.

(2) large area

(3) closer to the stove

(4) wide application. The side range hood starts to smoke directly from below, which is suitable for each kitchen design.

(5) cleaner. Side range hood separated by oil fume

2. Top suction.

(1) the effect of deep smoke chamber is better

(2) high suction requirements

(3) it is easy to get dirty. Because after the oil fume rises, the top suction is to directly suck in the oil fume together, and then filter through the oil screen.

(4) it needs to be cleaned frequently. Otherwise, if the cheap top range hood is not cleaned frequently, the wind wheel will be damaged soon, and the smoke exhaust effect will be bad.

But no matter what kind of lampblack machine, it needs to be cleaned regularly. By the way, let me tell you a quick way to clean the oil cup. Put cheap but absorbent toilet paper in the oil cup, and fill the box, so that the oil will be infiltrated into the paper when cooking, and replace the paper in the cup once a week or two. Is it very convenient? I hope the above information about the range hood can help you!

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