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How old is a greasy middle-aged man? How to distinguish the old from the middle-aged

How old is a greasy middle-aged man? How to distinguish the old from the middle-aged these two days, Feng Tang's friend circle of how to avoid becoming a greasy middle-aged man swipes the screen. The people who are expected to forward are all middle-aged people who are in their infancy. The first group of post-80s are 37 years old, and the last group is 28 years old. So the question is coming. What is the boundary of middle-aged people? What is the age of greasy middle-aged men that Feng Tang said? Let's see the following statement 。

In ancient China, each age has its own corresponding replacement words: babyhood (infancy), childhood (seven or eight years old), corset (twelve years old), weak crown (twenty), standing up (thirty), not confused (forty), knowing destiny (fifty), ear Shun (sixty), rare (seventy), octogenarian (eighty), and period (ninety), and summer (hundred years old). However, it has been widely used, such as standing in the thirties, being 40 years old, knowing heaven's destiny in 50 years, and "the year of summer care".

The world health organization plans to re divide the age of life into young people under 44, middle-aged people from 45 to 59, young old people from 60 to 74, old people from 75 to 89, and old people from 90.

According to China's traditional concept and current relevant regulations, the age appellation in China is divided into three levels: under 15, under 20, over 20-30 (marriage age), over 30-40, over 40-50, 50-60, over 60. This has formed a general concept in the minds of people in Chinese society.

It can be seen that the "greasy middle-aged man" mentioned by Feng Tang refers to the middle-aged man around the age of 40. If you are around the age of 30, it is not too greasy.

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