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Pharyngitis. It's good to eat it quickly. Don't worry about complications

Pharyngitis. It's good to eat it quickly. Don't worry about complications

Four seas net: got pharyngitis very disgusting, coughing does not come out to swallow not to go down, feeling throat old thing. If you have a cold again, it's like the sky is falling. Here are some recipes for treating pharyngitis, which can help you to relieve the symptoms of pharyngitis.

Autumn is a season of chronic pharyngitis. If there are symptoms of dryness, itching and pain in the throat, we should pay attention to them. Chronic pharyngitis is not a small problem, improper treatment may lead to other complications, serious harm to health.

Method / step

Often drink some diet drinks that benefit the pharynx and promote the body fluid, the following for reference: green tea honey drink: green tea 5g, honey amount. Place green tea in a cup, pour into boiling water, add honey to drink, 1 dose per day. It can clear away heat and promote pharynx, moisten lung and promote fluid production. Lily and mung bean soup: 20g lily, 50g mung bean, proper amount of crystal sugar.

Stir fried duck eggs with vinegar

[ingredients]: 1 fresh duck egg, 25g vinegar.

[method]: put one duck egg into an aluminum pot, stir evenly, then stir fry (anti paste) with a spoon, half cooked, add 25g of Chen (rice) vinegar, continue to stir until cooked. Eat while it's hot, once in the morning and once in the evening. Cough can be cured after 10 days of continuous eating

Steamed ginkgo with ice sugar

[ingredients]: 3 yuan for ginkgo and 2 yuan for rock candy.

[method]: steam the ginkgo and Bingtang with a little water. When steaming, first break the ginkgo into slag, bubble with water, and then put the Bingtang. Take it before going to bed at night, once a day, for a month to cure dry cough.

Matters needing attention

If you are used to breath with your mouth open, or cough involuntarily, it will aggravate the inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa, which is very harmful to its repair. Smoking is very harmful to the pharynx, so people with chronic pharyngitis must quit smoking

Pharyngitis is not a serious disease, but because of its high incidence, a large number of patients, easy to be ignored and other reasons, often affect the health and people's normal work and life. Therefore, whether suffering from acute or chronic pharyngitis, we should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, and actively cooperate with drug treatment.

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