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What to eat at the beginning of pregnancy

What to eat at the beginning of pregnancy when pregnant, you need to supplement nutrition, and also need to eat some good food for yourself and the fetus, but some can be eaten and some can't be eaten. These taboos should be paid attention to by pregnant mothers.

Nutrition in early pregnancy indicates that most expectant mothers in early pregnancy are troubled by pregnancy reaction and have poor appetite. However, the early stage of pregnancy is the stage of the development and formation of the main organs of the fetus, especially the development of the neural tube and the main internal organs. During this period, vitamins and minerals, especially protein, folic acid and iron, are particularly needed for fetal organ development.

I. nutrition supplement in early pregnancy

1. Protein: protein is the basis of growth and development, which is very important for the early development of fetus and the health of pregnant women. The intake of 70g protein should be guaranteed every day in early pregnancy. Should eat tofu, lean meat, milk, fish and so on.

2. Folic acid: taking folic acid in the early stage of pregnancy can reduce the probability of fetal malformation, so pregnant women should take folic acid actively in the early stage of pregnancy, which can be taken through dark vegetables, such as spinach, carrot, asparagus, fresh fruit: orange, strawberry, tomato. You can also take folic acid as directed by your doctor.

3. Calcium: milk, clams, dried fish, amaranth, hairy vegetables, soybeans, black beans, black sesame and other foods are rich in calcium. Sufficient calcium can prevent pregnant women from tension, headache, leg cramps, insomnia, tooth decay and other symptoms, as well as avoid fetal bone and tooth dysplasia.

4. Iron: iron is very important for women's health. After pregnancy, iron is an indispensable nutrition for pregnant women. Iron can help pregnant women prevent anemia and avoid fetal malnutrition. For example, egg yolk, meat, liver, green vegetables, whole wheat bread, grains, etc. are rich in iron. Pregnant women can eat more of these foods.

5. Iodine quality: supplement iodine can prevent the intelligence defect of fetus. Iodine is an indispensable nutrient for pregnant women. During pregnancy, pregnant women need to consume 30% - 100% more iodine than usual, that is, 175-200 micrograms of iodine per day to meet the needs of the body. Generally, iodine can be supplemented through diet. Pregnant women can properly eat some iodine rich food, such as kelp, laver, sea fish and other seafood, which can meet the needs of the week.

What to eat in the early stage of pregnancy

The early dietary principles of pregnant women should be supplemented with extra vitamins, protein, iron and other microelements and minerals. For greasy and appetite suppressing foods, it is not necessary to eat them reluctantly. Foods such as apples, peaches, milk and soybeans are very suitable for early pregnancy.

1. Foods rich in calcium, such as milk; 2. Neutral fruits; 3. Vitamins and minerals; 4. Foods rich in iron; 5. Foods rich in protein, such as fish, eggs, various seafood, etc.

Fruit: apple, peach, apricot, pineapple

Dairy products: milk, yoghurt, milk powder for pregnant women

Bean products: soybean, soymilk, tofu, dried bean

3. What can't be eaten in early pregnancy

In the early stage of pregnancy, avoid high fat, high sugar diet, do not blindly supplement calcium, excessive salty food easily lead to pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, in addition, do not abuse warm supplements, be careful to prevent mildew food poisoning, avoid drinking and drinking tea, so as not to affect the development of the fetus and intelligence after birth.

1. Hot fruit is easy to cause the pregnant mother to catch fire after eating; 2. Cold food is easy to cause slippery fetus.

Meat: crab, black fish, octopus

Vegetables: aloe, purslane, aloe, cauliflower, wolfberry head, Artemisia

Fruit: longan, papaya, hawthorn

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