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Which brand of baby rice noodles is the best? Top 10 rice noodles

Complementary food addition is an important stage of baby's growth, and rice flour is one of the most important complementary food. Do you see a variety of rice noodles in the market? Many mothers firmly believe that such a rule must be given the best to their children. Of course, the choice of rice noodles is no exception, so what brand of rice noodles is the best?

Heinz rice noodles

When it comes to rice noodles, I believe that the first thing many people think of is Heinz rice noodles. Founded in 1869, Heinz has more than 140 years of infant food production history. With a hundred years of history, scientific formula and humanized design concept, Heinz rice flour has become a leading brand in China's auxiliary food market.

Beingmate Rice noodles

Beinmei rice flour is one of the best-selling baby rice flour brands in the market. Although its fame is not as loud as beinmei milk powder, beinmei rice flour still has a high degree of attention and a very high support rate depending on its fame. It is a well-known online shopping brand.

Garbo rice noodles

Jiabao is an American brand with 80 years of professional experience. It is a baby food brand that has experienced the test of time. Now it belongs to Nestle brand. Jiabao baby rice noodles may not be as well known to Chinese consumers as Heinz and bainmei, but it is a popular brand of distribution agent in the industry.

Rice noodle

Xibao rice flour is a brand from Germany, which is widely known in Germany. Almost every German child grows up eating HIPP food. The quality and reputation of German products have always been the common trust of global consumers.

Nestle rice noodle

Nestle rice flour is a kind of nutritional rice flour brand for infants and young children produced by Nestle. Its nutritional products for infants and young children have a brand history of more than 140 years. Nestle rice flour has become an obvious mark of the product industry's personality, which has a good reputation in the international and domestic markets.