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What do you want to eat when you have kidney stones

What do you want to eat when you have kidney stones

Four seas network: kidney stone is a common and multiple urinary system disease. It is better to be able to prevent it everyday. If you find any disease, you must diagnose and treat it early. The specific causes of kidney stones are not clear, which may be related to a variety of factors, diet is one of them. In other words, the incidence of kidney stones in patients may be caused by daily diet. What food does that get kidney stone to eat good? The following seven kinds of food are the most nourishing.

1. black fungus

Auricularia auricula is rich in trace elements and minerals. It is not only the killer of kidney stones, but also the killer of many kinds of stones. Eating more Auricularia auricula can produce strong chemical reaction to various kinds of stones, which can peel, differentiate, dissolve and expel the stones from the body.

2. dairy products

We all know that calcium is the main component of kidney stones, and calcium in dairy products can help the body to remove other substances that are easy to form stones.

3. honey

Honey contains a variety of trace elements, eat honey can play a certain role in the treatment of kidney stones.

4. pear

Pear is rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin C, which is good for dissolving kidney stones.

5. red beans

It has the functions of invigorating the spleen, drying dampness, detumescence and detoxification. It can be used alone or in combination with chicken internal gold and citronella root to treat various types of stones.

6. wheat bran

Mildewy and sweet with mildewy wheat bran, it has the effect of relieving tiredness, relieving diarrhea and relieving drenching, and can be used to prevent the recurrence of stones.

7. sword beans

Concanavalin is warm and sweet. It has the effect of warming the middle part of the body and tonifying the kidney. It can be used for those who can't leave the stone for a long time and have kidney deficiency and lumbago.

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