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How much is the king of champagne

How much is the king of champagne

Like its name, the king of champagne is the most expensive and luxurious one. It is the most top representative of champagne, and its price is naturally expensive. So, how much is the king of champagne? What's so expensive?

How much is the king of champagne

Don Perignon 2002 - price range 1300-1700

It is named after don Perignon, the father of champagne, and is commonly known as the king of champagne. Don & middot; Perignon dry champagne king is almost synonymous with top-level champagne, and is often highly praised in wine reviews over the years. Its annual production exceeds 18 million bottles. However, the number of bottles of don & middot; Perignon has never been disclosed. It is estimated that there are about 150000 bottles.

The origin of the king of champagne

DOM P & eacute; rignon, the king of champagne, is named after Pierre P & eacute; rignon, a Benedictine monk in the 17th century. At that time, he worked tirelessly in the monastery to study and improve the way of wine making, and finally found the secret of making a fresh and fragrant wine. His achievements are highly praised by later generations, and he is honored as the 'father of champagne'. The famous French winery MOET Yuet also uses his name to name one of their flagship brands, which is DOM P & eacute; rignon, the king of champagne.

In the brewing process of DOM P & eacute; rignon, the most perfect wine should be achieved in every minute step from grape selection, pressing, blending to cellar aging. Each bottle of champagne king is vintage, and its raw materials are all from eight French super vineyards and the first-class vineyards in otville. The harvest year grapes are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In the cool autumn, the grapes used to make the king of Champaign are picked by hand and carefully aged for 6 to 8 years.