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What are some tips on how to prevent cell phone radiation

What are some tips on how to prevent cell phone radiation Nowadays, people's life is more and more inseparable from mobile phones. Mobile phones are always around to have a sense of security. Many people are suffering from mobile phone dependency. However, few people know that mobile phones are not only harmful to eyes, but also to your body. Mobile phone radiation is very harmful to human body. How to reduce mobile phone radiation? Let's take a look at it!

How to reduce cell phone radiation

1. Don't bring your cell phone into your bedroom

Don't put your cell phone near your pillow when you sleep. Radiation can reduce the secretion of melatonin, not only affect the quality of sleep, but also accelerate the destruction of free radicals, and eventually lead to cancer and other diseases.

2. Don't call when the signal is weak

When the signal is weak, or in high-speed vehicles, the radiation generated by mobile phones will be stronger.

3. Don't put the mobile phone in the trouser pocket

The study found that men who often put their mobile phones in their trouser pockets had 25% fewer sperm than normal men. The effects of mobile phone radiation on different parts of the body are different. Male testicles are most vulnerable to mobile phone radiation.

4. Call frequently and change hands

It's better to alternate your left and right hands frequently when you call a cell phone for a long time.

5. Don't use mobile phone in closed space

Do not use mobile phones in relatively closed spaces such as elevators, trains and subways. At this time, the cell phone continuously tries to connect the interrupted signal, which will increase the radiation to the maximum value.

6. After dialing, extend your arms

The moment the phone is connected, the radiation is the strongest. Therefore, after receiving or dialing the phone, it's better to stretch your arms to keep the phone away from your body and wait for a moment to talk.

7. Don't use your cell phone to cook 'telephone porridge'

For a long time, it's better to use landline. The study found that brain waves were affected for at least an hour after two minutes of cell phone calls.

8. Smart phones radiate a lot

Smart phones have built-in wireless devices, which generate more radiation than mobile phones, because these devices mainly rely on battery drivers to receive e-mail, Internet, etc. Therefore, try to use less mobile Internet.

9. Texting is less than calling

SMS communication can greatly reduce the head and body contact of cell phone radiation. Don't put your cell phone between your legs when you text. A large number of studies have shown that cell phone radiation can damage sperm viability, but has little effect on women's ovaries.

10. earphone

Earphones can not directly 'eliminate' radiation, but they can isolate the human body from the radiation source. The farther away the phone is from the head, the less radiation the brain is affected. The farther away from the antenna, the less radiation your body receives.