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What kind of medicine do you take for stomachache

What kind of medicine do you take for stomachache

Four seas network: the stomach is very fragile, some people's stomach is more delicate, a little attention, stomach disease, stomach pain life is not like death. Stomachache is a common symptom in clinic. It is often seen in chronic ulcer where gastrointestinal tract contacts with gastric juice. It is also called ulcer disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is called "stomachache", "heartache" and "epigastralgia". In case of heat and cold, the food is soft and hard, raw and cooked, and the stomach will be uncomfortable. What can I do if I have stomach disease, what can I do if I have old stomach disease, and what medicine can I take for stomach pain?

There are a wide range of folk stomach medicines for the treatment of this disease, which can't be rushed to the hospital. When you see stomach pain, you can buy them. For the medicine for the treatment of stomach disease, you should treat it differently: to distinguish the cause of stomach cold or stomach heat? Only the medicine for the treatment of symptoms is the real special medicine for stomach disease.

Because of cold, or eating a large number of raw and cold food caused by stomach pain, generally known as "cold evil invading the stomach" in traditional Chinese medicine, the performance of stomach pain occurs suddenly, colic is abnormal, like can warm the stomach, eat cold food when the pain intensifies. For such patients, the symptoms of light can be taken with appropriate amount of ginger or ginger decoction.

'heartburn, it's like a fire in my stomach, I feel inexplicably upset. This is another symptom of stomachache, which is called "hot stomach" by traditional Chinese medicine. At this time, stomach pain accompanied by burning, acute onset, dry mouth, bitter halitosis, the patient's two ribs full, irritable, like cold drink. This kind of stomachache is caused by the invasion of stomach qi by liver heat, so what medicine should be taken for stomach disease cannot be said to be the same.

It's very common to take what medicine to relieve stomach pain, such as "too full to eat, too much stomach pain". The main symptom is that the stomach is dull and painful. You can't press it with your hand, or it will be more painful. After exhausting and vomiting, the symptoms were relieved.

Many people either allow pain or take laxatives to relieve the burden on the stomach and intestines. However, experts believe that it is not advisable to eat a full stomach, and cathartic will aggravate the damage to the gastrointestinal tract. At this time, it's best to choose some traditional Chinese medicine with small side effects of regulating gastrointestinal tract and ideal effect to treat stomachache. This is like erosive gastritis to take what medicine is fundamentally different.

Experts remind

Some patients have stomach pain, but they don't get better after taking the medicine, so it's not advisable to increase the dosage or add other stomach pain drugs. If the medicine for stomachache treated with traditional Chinese medicine does not improve after 3 days, there are two possible reasons: first, the medicine is not right, you need to find a doctor to distinguish the syndrome type and take the medicine again; second, other more serious diseases are caused, you need to make clear the diagnosis, so as not to delay the illness. In short, in either case, you need to see a doctor. Don't buy stomach medicine, just buy a new stomach medicine specially for stomach diseases in the medical market. The curative effect will be very good.

The most common cause of stomachache is overeating, but it's not the only one. Some people don't overeat, but they also have stomachache. In fact, stomach spasm has nothing to do with food. Most of it is caused by mental reasons. Anger, mental tension, and too much pressure may cause stomach colic. So what kind of medicine are there for all these treatments? We generally think that among the medicines for stomachache, traditional Chinese medicine for stomachache is more ideal.

Simple nursing of stomachache

When there is too much food in the stomach, stomach acid will be forced into the esophagus. The more food in the stomach, the more acid the stomach is squeezed into the esophagus. There may be many reasons for stomachache, but for those who occasionally suffer from stomachache, it is mostly because they eat too much and too fast. When you feel uncomfortable, you may want to lie down and rest, do not! Keep upright, so that gastric acid is easier to stay in the stomach. When you have to lie down, such as sleeping, it's better to keep your head about 10-15cm high. You can use stones to support the bed feet or put them under the mattress. The effect of heightening the pillow is not good. In this way, the sleep is slightly inclined to avoid stomach pain recurrence.

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