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How much is the Royal Salute 21 in 2018? Price of a box of Royal Salute 21

How much is the Royal Salute 21 in 2018? Price of a box of Royal Salute 21

Taishan (Royal Salute 21) is Shandong Zhongyan adhering to Chinese and Western etiquette culture, using innovative technology to build. Not only has the rich cultural connotation, but also the product has the characteristic extremely, has added in the filter "Royal Salute 21 years" the top whisky burst bead. As the saying goes, there is no division between tobacco and wine. The Royal Salute 21, which focuses on the aroma of whisky and wine, has won the hearts of many smokers since its launch in 2016. How much is the Royal Salute 21? The following China cigarette network small series for you to sort out and introduce the Royal Salute 21 ring cigarette prices.

Price of Taishan Royal Salute

There are two kinds of Taishan Royal Salute cigarettes, one is the Royal Salute 21 ring cigarette, and the other is the Royal Salute 103 ring cigarette (two kinds). Today we are going to talk about the Royal Salute 21 ring cigarette. Let's take a look at the price of the Royal Salute 21 ring cigarette, and what you want to know about the current price of the Royal Salute 21 ring cigarette.

The tar content of this cigarette is relatively high, so it's also very energetic. It's said that it has a feeling of being tall and tall immediately after pinching and exploding the bead. How much is the Royal Salute 21? The price of the royal salute is 36 yuan per pack.

Royal Salute 21 "is a kind of pop bead cigarette developed and launched by Shandong Zhongyan in 2016, focusing on the pop bead of whisky. The pop bead cigarettes of the domestic liquor flavor series are all high-end brands, which are very expensive. However, the price of this royal salute 21 ring cigarette is a middle price cigarette. In 2016, this kind of cigarette was officially launched. It is said that Taishan (Royal Salute 21) selected high-quality tobacco leaves. After three years of fermentation and two years of preparation, it was created with ingenuity.

After watching the price of the Royal Salute 21 shots, let's talk about the fact that Taishan (Royal Salute 21 shots) contains' Royal Salute wine burst beads': it extracts Scotland's top blended whisky, and perfectly combines the Scottish highland sprouted whisky and grain Scotch whisky to make it mellow and fragrant. The royal salute is 21 times, and the wine is full of almond, cocoa and acorn. With the smooth and mellow smoke, the wine blooms in your mouth layer by layer, gently wrapping all your senses, realizing the perfect combination of 'mellow tobacco flavor and whisky wine flavor', presenting the eastern and Western flavors.

The above is the information about the price of 21 ring Royal Salute cigarettes organized and introduced by Xiaobian of China cigarette network. Before Xiaobian, he also tasted several kinds of cigarettes with the main flavor of wine, such as Guiyan (guojiuxiang 30), jiaozi (Ruan Xiangyun) and so on. As for this' Royal Salute 21 ring 'is only recently to taste, here to share with you the experience of smoking related products, for your reference.