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Does overdue credit card affect the application of housing loan? How to remedy overdue credit card

How to remedy the overdue payment of credit card the precondition for applying for a house loan is that the person has a good credit, which not only has a high probability of loan, but also may enjoy interest rate discount. However, in our life, it is inevitable that when we have overdue repayment, our personal credit will be affected, and sometimes it is too serious to apply for a loan, so how to make a loan with overdue repayment records? Let's take a look at it together!

Solutions to overdue repayment of credit card in loan application

I. no more than 90 days without affecting the loan

Not all overdue repayment will have an impact on the loan application, mainly depends on whether it is maliciously overdue. Generally speaking, as long as the overdue time does not exceed 90 days, the number of times within 2 years does not exceed 6 times, the total amount is less than 1000 yuan and there is a non malicious debt certificate issued by the bank, there will be no big problem in applying for a loan.

II. Overdue repayment over 90 days

The bank will determine that the cardholder or the borrower is maliciously overdue and is likely to be refused the loan.

III. If the overdue period occurred five years ago and has been paid off

The impact on loan application is not so great. However, some banks will be more strict, as long as they are overdue, if they give enough reasons, they may be raised the loan interest rate or down payment.

IV. the loan that has not exceeded 20 days is overdue

This situation is not impossible. If you really encounter this situation, you can go to the local people's Bank of China to file an objection application, usually within 15 working days, you can get a reply, and the bad overdue will be eliminated immediately.

V. overdue due to the third party organization within 20 days

For example, if the credit card is not activated to generate annual fee, the bank can issue a non malicious overdue certificate. With this certificate, the loan application and application will not be affected.

Vi. how to remedy the overdue credit card?

1. The bad credit record will be deleted automatically after 5 years of repayment waiting. This is because the retention period of personal bad information by credit agencies is 5 years, and it will be deleted if it exceeds 5 years.

2. It is said that there is another "trench" method, which replaces the past overdue records by swiping the card continuously, but the reliability of this method needs to be examined.

VII. Overdue due to guarantee

Don't think that only when your loan is overdue will your credit report have a bad record. If you act as a loan guarantor, other people's loan is overdue, it may also appear in your report.

In addition to urging the parties to repay the money as soon as possible, what you can do is to do a good job of prevention in the future. The loan guarantor has a great responsibility. Before signing, be careful!

It should be noted that the card should not be cancelled immediately after the overdue records are eliminated, and should be used continuously. Because the consumption repayment of the credit card will show the rolling records of the last 24 months in the credit report. If the credit card continues to be used, the overdue 24 months ago will be removed, and once the card is cancelled, it will be kept there for a long time.

Comparison of credit card repayment methods

Overdue credit card is a very troublesome thing. How can we not let the credit card repayment be overdue? I will teach you three ways: first, call to send all credit card bills to the same email address; second, install a credit card manager's app in your mobile phone, add the card number and repayment date of each credit card, and bind your email address at the same time. The software will be the first Time to get the bill, and remind you to repay; three is in Alipay or WeChat's' credit card repayment 'column to enter the credit card number and repayment date, bind the mailbox is OK. Remember the repayment date, but also choose your suitable way of repayment oh.

1. Automatic repayment: before the last repayment date of each credit card, the bank will automatically transfer the money on the bound debit card to the credit card account.

Advantage: ensure timely repayment

Disadvantages: insufficient funds on debit card will lead to unsuccessful repayment, need to bear late fees and interest, and also affect credit investigation.

2. Online bank Repayment: as long as the cardholder logs in the official website on the computer, the repayment can be easily completed by using U shield.

Advantage: the repayment amount can be applied at the counter, which is relatively safe.

Disadvantages: cross bank transfer and cross-border peer transfer need to pay a certain handling fee according to the transfer amount.

3. ATM Repayment: just insert a debit card into the ATM and choose to transfer.

Advantages: 24-hour business, not limited by counter working hours, and transfer safe and timely.

Disadvantage: cross bank or non local transfer requires handling fee. Mobile Repayment: mobile banking or Alipay, WeChat mobile repayment.

4, mobile Repayment: mobile banking or Alipay, WeChat mobile repayment.

Advantages: repayment anytime and anywhere, and inter-bank non local transfer fees are free.

Disadvantage: not all banks support real-time payment, it is recommended to repay three working days in advance, and the amount of single repayment is limited.