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How to care for fragile nails

How to care for fragile nails

Four seas network: Nowadays, women wear makeup without fingernails. Apart from applying all kinds of nail polish, there are all kinds of fancy manicure, which will make nails more fragile. So how to save your fragile nails? Let's take a look at the daily care of nails!

1. Olive oil care

If your nails are fragile and too thin and often break easily, soak them in extra olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you can make it every two weeks. This form of armor strengthens damaged, fragile, or easily broken nails.

2. Use less water for armour removal

Nail remover can clean nails quickly, but it can also make nails more vulnerable. Any brand of nail remover, in fact, will wipe off the grease on the surface of the nail to make it more dry, so it should be used as little as possible.

3. Spa for nails

After applying the nail protection product, make a simple rubbing gesture with the thumb and index finger, massage the two sides of the first knuckle of the other hand, promote the quick absorption of the finger edge oil, also help to promote the blood circulation around the nail, and promote the growth of the nail.

4. Diet care

Protein, calcium, iron and other elements are also key. They are indispensable nutrients for nails, but the most important thing is to avoid the loss of calcium. It is recommended to eat more cereals and foods rich in vitamin H, such as broccoli, cereal, etc., to make nails healthier.

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