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Why do you want to make jack-o-lantern on Halloween Halloween is coming. In the west, people will pretend to be all kinds of ghosts, carrying pumpkin lights, dancing and marching in the street. Children will become cute little ghosts and knock on the door for candy. Do you know why they do pumpkin lights? How to make Halloween pumpkin lamp? Let's have a look!

Halloween is also called zhushengjie. It is a traditional western festival on November 1 every year. October 31, the eve of Halloween, is the most lively time of the festival. In Chinese, Halloween is often mistakenly translated as all saints' day.

What does Halloween have to do with pumpkin lights?

Pumpkin lamp originated from ancient Ireland. It is said that a man named Jack is drunk and fond of mischief. On Halloween, he trapped the devil in a tree. He didn't allow the devil to come down until the devil promised never to let him live in hell. After Jack died, because he didn't believe in God, he couldn't go to heaven, and the devil wouldn't let him go to hell. In order to help Jack find his way back to the world, the devil gave him a piece of burning charcoal. Jack put the burning charcoal in a lantern carved with big carrots, the first "Jack's Lantern", to help him find his way back to Ireland, but he never found it, so he will never find it Far away with lanterns wandering the world. In the old Irish legend, this little candle is placed in a hollowed out radish, called "Jack lantens". The ancient radish lamp evolved into jack-o-lantern made of pumpkin. It is said that soon after the Irish arrived in the United States, they found that pumpkins were superior to carrots in terms of both source and carving, so pumpkins became the favorite of Halloween.

Halloween is coming soon. There are many related Halloween activities in many places. Although this is not a Chinese festival, the pumpkin lantern looks cute. You can learn to make one yourself.

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Production method of pumpkin lamp:

How to make a pumpkin lamp? Well, first you have to go to the market and buy a big pumpkin.

1. Draw the face you want to make on the paper according to the size of the pumpkin you bought. Generally, it's only eyes and mouth. Give full play to your imagination! Cut off your nose and mouth after painting. Stick the cut eyes and mouth on the pumpkin with water, adjust the position until you are satisfied.

2. Outline the eyes and mouth along the edge of the paper. Of course, if you are good at drawing, you can omit the first step, and draw the outline of eyes and mouth on the pumpkin with a pen.

3. Use a knife to open a small round cover on the pumpkin. It doesn't need to be too big. The spoon can be put in. Keep the cover. Use a spoon knife and other tools to dig out the seeds in the pumpkin, and then use a spoon to scrape the flesh of the pumpkin skin, and try to scrape the pumpkin skin thin and evenly, so as to facilitate the light transmission of the final pumpkin lamp. You can put the flashlight in the pumpkin to check the effect of the scraper.

4. After handling the inside of the pumpkin, you can use a knife to carve along the painted eyes and nose. Be careful.

5. After carving, put a small candle inside, light it and cover it. If the cover is small, you can wear a toothpick for fixing.

6. Of course it's finished!!

This article is provided by the editor of Sihai life channel. To learn about life tips, please pay attention to Sihai life channel to make your life easier!