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How to deal with the tension of novice on the road the novice who just got his driver's license will be more or less nervous on the road for the first time. The road in good condition is good, and the tension in complex road condition will rise suddenly, even causing psychological shadow for driving. Therefore, when the novice is on the road for the first time, he must choose a better road, so how can the novice relieve the tension on the road?

1. Good mentality. First of all, we should be prepared to adjust our mentality. In the face of fast traffic and crisscross roads, do not be too nervous, and drive calmly and steadily. When a novice is on the road, he is often so nervous that he doesn't know how to shift gears, turn around, etc. He will feel inexplicably nervous when he sees other vehicles passing by. In fact, as long as the operation is standardized, there will be nothing to do when driving according to the rules of learning, and he will have confidence in himself.

2. Find someone to accompany you. It's best to have an experienced person to accompany you on the road at the beginning. The tension of being accompanied will disappear more than half of the time. If something happens during driving, you will be reminded and helped in time. There are many advantages to having a skilled hand to accompany you on the road. When you really don't know how to drive, your accompanying skilled hand can get off the car under your command and drive a path for you and the car in front of the car. On the other hand, it also promotes interpersonal relations.

3. Be prepared. Before you go on the road, remember and understand the essentials of your driving. Be sure to be familiar with the brake, accelerator and clutch, in case of tension, it is quite dangerous to step on the accelerator when the brake is pressed; be familiar with the gears, because 'novice' will forget to increase or decrease the gears once they are nervous on the road. The strong noise of the car is often unheard of for the novice. It is a common mistake for the novice to drive the manual car into the automatic gear. Therefore, these basic operations should be memorized before going on the road. If you want to drive purposefully, you should find out and understand the situation of your route.

4. Novice on the road must recognize their own position so as to set up a good attitude to eliminate the tension. Slowly, novice always put safety first when driving. The speed should not be too fast. Driving is not faster than speed and technology, but better than who's attitude. Important safety injuries for novice on the road don't remember driving safety. The key is driving age, but the safety awareness. As long as the novice is calm Rules and reasonable driving can improve self-confidence without tension.

5. If you are still nervous, you can find an open place to drive at night and practice more. During the practice, you don't need to follow the coach's operation step by step. You can drive at will and at a slower speed. When you are proficient and confident, you will be much better on the road, and you won't feel nervous.