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Can vodka be drunk directly

Absolute vodka is a kind of wine with very good taste. Many people don't know how to drink this wine. Can you drink absolute vodka directly? How to drink absolute vodka?

Can I drink vodka directly

Absolute vodka can be drunk directly. Some people will choose to drink absolute vodka with some drinks, which also has a unique flavor.

How to drink absolute vodka

Vodka is colorless and tasteless (in fact, it has a special flavor, but most people can't drink it), and mixing liquor is an invincible match

It doesn't grab the flavor of juice, soda and even all kinds of wine, but it can increase the alcohol content, thicken the taste and enhance the stimulation of the whole glass of wine

A good vodka should be as smooth as water, just like the old vodka saying, which means water. It's smooth in the mouth after a mouthful, and it's pungent when it goes into the throat and stomach

Vodka is especially suitable to be put into the freezer. When the whole bottle frosts, you can drink it or mix it. The liquor will be as thick as oil and taste better

Absolute vodka is not really the best choice, smino black, ketel one, grey goose and so on may be much better

But you don't have to worry too much about it. After all, most people can't drink vodka, can they