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What are the symptoms of depression? Pay attention to whether people around you have these symptoms.

What are the symptoms of depression? Pay attention to whether people around you have these symptoms social development is fast, people are under great mental pressure, and many mental diseases have developed one after another. In the past two years, I have read a lot of reports about depression, and I think this disease is very serious. Qiao Renliang died of depression in the previous report. Let people start to pay attention to this mental illness again.

General depression can be divided into mild, moderate and severe depression according to the degree of onset, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the sick people do not like to communicate with others, or they seldom communicate with each other, and their mood is easy to fall, so what performance will mild patients usually have? Let's take a look at it together.

A. changes in mood. People with mild depression generally have the feeling of "internal pain and external happiness". It's hard to see it in the communication with people. It needs to be deeply understood to find out that patients are prone to depression, lack of interest in things, fatigue, anxiety, etc., and even frown all day long.

B. It's difficult to fall asleep. It's always difficult to fall asleep, or sometimes it's hard to fall asleep because of nightmares. However, it can be recovered by antidepressant treatment and understanding the essence of depression.

C. social ability declines. Like some students who take the exam, their academic performance declines due to depression in advance, or they will feel a little strange about what they used to do, and gradually enter a passive state.

D. the thinking reaction slows down, and people with depression will feel that they have lost interest in some things in their original life, their cognitive ability becomes poor, and their memory is not as good as before.

E. slow action. People with depression are slow in thinking and tired easily, so they lack of enthusiasm in daily life and work, resulting in many things do not want to do, or do it slowly, a little absent-minded.

F. physical symptoms: people with depression are prone to dyspepsia, dry mouth and dry tongue, constipation and other symptoms, so sometimes they can't see whether they or others suffer from depression due to these symptoms.

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