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Borrowing and Withdrawing Technology: share the method of borrowing and withdrawing to 15W

The following little brother accidentally opened the loan one day and received an invitation to increase the amount from ant loan. He easily increased the amount by 50000, with a total amount of 150000! Just ask if you are envious!

I can't help but shed tears when I think of the small amount of my loan. How did this little brother do it? The secret is actually accumulated at ordinary times. The following behaviors will help us to increase the loan amount

1. Real name authentication, improve personal information.

Try to supplement personal information as much as possible, such as vehicle information, education information, British collar, nail, etc. these information must be true and effective. The more perfect the information is, the higher the credibility is.

2. Keep good use record and performance.

Friends who use Alipay usually have to maintain a good habit of use! Otherwise, if they produce negative records, it is equivalent to smearing their personal credit.

3. use Alipay's various service functions.

This includes

Taobao, tmall:

Open ant Huabei. For shopping, try to pay with Huabei. Next month, you need to pay back a few days in advance. The more shopping records you have on the platform, the more you can prove your stickiness with the platform, and the more likely active users will be invited. Do not change the receiving address at will, and keep the repayment on time.

Life category:

Pay for water, electricity, gas, telephone, credit card, hotel, rental, car, etc.

Offline payment:

Many businesses can use Alipay to pay mobile phone, and this can also be added.

Financial products:

Now the balance treasure is more cost-effective than the bank's savings, often saving money in the balance of treasure, tens of thousands of lines. Of course, the more you save, the better it will be for Alipay to open and raise money.

4. support Ma Yun's new Alipay campaign

Recently, when Alipay just put together the Alipay module, it can see the "Gang group" page at the bottom of the Alipay home page at a price lower than that of a Bao, usually at a low price of 50 percent off. When there are few people, hurry to spell, so as to improve the sesame points and borrow the amount of excellent effect.

It's not that the higher the credit score, the easier it is to open

We all know that the most basic condition for the loan to open is to be 18 years old and have a sesame credit of no less than 600 points. A few families are happy and a few families are sad. The children's shoes below are a little miserable. The sesame score is 810, but there is still no quota for borrowing. Therefore, the sesame score has little influence on borrowing.