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What are the stars of the 2017 tmall double 11 party

What are the stars of the 2017 tmall double 11 party unconsciously, 2017's double 11 is coming again. In addition to all kinds of shopping, many people are paying attention to the double 11 party. Every year, tmall's double 11 party will invite a large number of stars to help, 2017 is no exception, so do you know which stars will be in 2017's double 11 party? Let's take a look at the 2017 tmall's double 11 party program list!

This year, Zhejiang satellite TV again reached a strategic cooperation with tmall in the "2017 double 11 party". According to Jiang minhao, the party will be bolder in technology application, more sophisticated in programs and closer to users in cross-border cooperation Look forward to it!

According to the person in charge of tmall's 2017 double 11 party, this year's double 11 VR will become a new highlight, and cross screen interaction will be realized through this black technology!

What are the guests of double 11

Current guests: Zhang Jie, Hua Chenyu, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Yi Yiqian, Zhang Yixing, Li Yuchun, Song Xi, Chen Yixun, Liang Chaowei, Beckham, Victoria, Zhang Wei, Liu Haoran, snh48, etc

Double 11 carnival night program

The program of 2017's 11th Party is as follows:

1. Magic show: performing guests transformers, robot cats

2. Song and dance "one man": performing guest Zhang Yixing

3. Song and dance Princess Cape: performing guest snh48

4. Song "Apollo": One Republic

5. cross talk "buy and buy": performing guests Wowkie Zhang and Joker Xue

6. Song and dance "the king brings me to patrol the mountains" and "the bear comes and goes": performance guests Lu Yi, Li Xiaopeng, Jia Naliang and pingguan

7. Song "feeling your wallet hollowed out": performing guests rainbow Chorus

8. Song "war it": Song Xi, performing guest

9. Songs "horse set", "more beautiful people in love with rivers and mountains": performance guest: Jiang Zhuoma

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10. Song goodbye: performing guest Deng Ziqi

11. Song "my skateboard shoes": performer Hua Chenyu

12. Sleepless tonight: performance guests Kobe Bryant and Thomas Mueller

13. Song and dance "pen-pineapple-apple-pen", "meow, meow and meow": performer tfboys, chief cute officer of double 11

14. Crosstalk: performers Yue Yunpeng, Sun Yue and Lin Zhiling

15. Song didadi: performing guest CoCo Lee

16. Song: performing guest Beth Behrs, mysterious guest

17. Song magic show: performing guest Li Yuchun, mysterious guest

18. Song rise: performance guest fruit sister, Zhou Bichang

19. Song: performing guests: Chen Yixun, Liang Chaowei

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Live broadcast schedule of 2017 tmall's double 11 party

On August 16 last year, tmall launched the cross border cooperation and communication meeting of double 11 'super IP'. This year's strategy conference mentioned June 29. Here is a brief comparison between this year and last year:

1. Cooperation platform of the evening party: in 2017, three TV networks (Zhejiang satellite TV, Shenzhen satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV) cooperated with each other, and in 2016, Zhejiang satellite TV cooperated exclusively with each other.

According to the 2016 csm52 all day ratings ranking released by sothery, Zhejiang TV ranked second in the country, Beijing TV ranked fifth in the country, and Shenzhen TV ranked ninth in the country. Zhejiang satellite TV is the king of variety, Beijing Satellite TV is the king of theater and Shenzhen satellite TV is the king of innovation, all of which cover the three major economic zones of China.

2. How to play: this year's double 11 released three super IP plans, variety shows, etc. in addition to the three satellite TV shows that the party cooperated with. Last year, tmall launched the carnival night super IP, realizing the interactive game of machine + TV + live multi screen, such as watching ads and robbing red envelopes.

3. Exclusive naming: this year's exclusive naming right has not been announced. Last year's double 11 Shanghai Jiahua won the exclusive naming right by more than 100 million yuan.

4. Alibaba system matrix: this year, members of Alibaba's cultural and entertainment sector are the same as last year. Youku potato, tmall magic box, shrimp music, UC headlines, tmall client, goldmap, etc. will form the interactive live broadcast matrix of this year's double 11 party.

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Big guy conjectures: running man, trump card and high-energy youth all go to battle

As for the double 11 party, besides the expectation of technical interaction, entertainment is also concerned. Ying Hong revealed to reporters that the three live TV stations will have their own characteristics as well as the areas where the three TV stations are united.

'this time, several TV stations will spare no effort to show their own skills. Wang Jun, editorial board member of Zhejiang Radio and television group and director of Zhejiang satellite TV, said: 'including some of China Blue's star partners, who didn't show up on the double 11 last year, will come this year. '

The content of the party revealed today is not much, which can't stop netizens' big conjecture about the stars. According to the program schedule of Zhejiang satellite TV, a large number of entertainment resources have been mastered in variety shows such as running bar, China's new song, trump card to trump card and high energy Youth League. The stars such as Deng Chao, Lu Han, Wang Junkai, Zhang Yishan and Wang continental in the program may be on the tmall double 11 stage together, bringing wonderful performances.

Niu Zhenqing, chairman of Beijing TV satellite Media Co., Ltd., said that this was not only a few hours' party, but also a continuous change in the viewing, participation and consumption habits of Chinese audiences after the party was broadcast. 'the imagination space and function of the future are far greater than the direct influence brought by the evening party. '

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Wang dangang, director of "super bowl" in 2017 tmall's double 11 party

On October 10, the Organizing Committee of "2017 tmall's double 11 carnival night" and Shenzhen municipal government officially confirmed that this year's double 11 party will be settled in the stadium of Shenzhen Universiade center, and the two sides will jointly launch an Internet Culture Festival with international top level for the global audience.

After Feng Xiaogang, David Hill, the gold medal producer of "king of the super bowl" in the United States, will be the general director of this year's double 11 Gala -- David Hill, who has supervised the "super bowl" in the United States for more than 20 years, and is responsible for the production of 88 Academy Awards parties, American Idol and other well-known classic TV programs. With a month to go before the double 11, the venue of the party and the director finally fell to the ground.

In addition, after Shanghai Jiahua won the exclusive naming right of 100 million yuan for this year's tmall double 11 Gala, micro whale technology and haifeisi have officially become special partners for this year's double 11 carnival night.

Conclusion: take a look, rob, buy and buy. I have one month to stay up and chop my hands.