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Which is the best oil of CNPC or Sinopec? The old driver told the truth

Which is the best oil of CNPC or Sinopec? The old driver told the truth Nowadays, there are more and more private cars. Car maintenance is a small part of a family's expenditure. Driving requires gas. Most of the gas stations on the road are PetroChina and Sinopec. What's the difference between them? The old driver will find out the answer for you.

With the continuous improvement of China's per capita income, cars have gradually become a necessary means of transportation for people's life and travel, but many people are very worried about buying private cars before long. Why do you say so? It's easy to buy a car and it's difficult to use it. The maintenance cost and fuel consumption of vehicles in each period of time are not small, and some owners say they can't bear it.

Gasoline is the power source for the survival and driving of cars, just like three meals a day for people. PetroChina and SINOPEC are the two most famous oil companies. They are also different meals for automobiles. Is there any difference between the two oil companies? Is there any connection at the same time? Let's have a specific understanding!

Sinopec's full name is PetroChina Group Co., Ltd. and PetroChina's full name is PetroChina Group Co., Ltd. Sinopec and PetroChina occupy the North-South market respectively. The distribution of oil producing areas in China is mostly in the north, such as the well-known Daqing oil field, Shengli oil field, etc. Sinopec's refineries in the south are mostly, and some people say that Sinopec's gasoline is better than PetroChina's The result of the experiment is the best.

PetroChina's refineries mainly refine crude oil from northern oil fields, while Sinopec mainly refines crude oil imported from abroad. Now, China has fully implemented the national 5 standard according to the national conditions, which is even smaller for the two oil companies. But in fact, there are some differences. Because Sinopec uses better additives, there are more gasoline per ton than PetroChina, but the quality is very close.

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