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Cordyceps sinensis has no anticancer value

As a star product of Chinese herbal medicine, the price of Cordyceps has remained high, reaching over 100000 yuan per kilogram. In the past two years, the price of Cordyceps sinensis has been hyped by many illegal traders, which is worth a lot of money. Is there any anti-cancer effect of such a valuable drug? Did you overstate its effect before?

Chemical biology, a subsidiary of cell, an international well-known scientific magazine, recently published the research results completed by Wang Chengshu team of Shanghai Institute of plant physiology and ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to the genes and production mode, Cordyceps sinensis can not contain the anticancer components cordycepin and penstatin. On the contrary, the widely distributed and cheap Cordyceps militaris contains these two components.

Since the 1990s, Cordyceps sinensis has been continuously stir fried as a high nutritional value tonic. In addition, its output is scarce and its price soars. Some media call it "soft gold". At the same time, because of the high arsenic content, the nourishing function of Cordyceps sinensis was also controversial. The State Food and drug administration has clearly indicated that long-term use of Cordyceps has a 'high risk'.

Recently, a reporter from Beijing News visited more than 10 pharmacies in Beijing and found that some staff of pharmacies still claimed that Cordyceps has anti-cancer effect.

Some pharmacies claim that Cordyceps has anti-cancer effect

Shi lichen, founder of the third-party medical service system, told the Beijing news that there has never been evidence to prove that Cordyceps has the effect of anti-cancer. 'the so-called anti-cancer of Cordyceps is actually a concept generated in the marketing process, and it is a marketing method'. If the common people do not know such research results generally, there may be many people willing to believe it. '

On October 25 and 26, the reporter of Beijing News visited more than ten pharmacies and Cordyceps stores in Beijing, which also confirmed the existence of this "marketing method".

At the Baitasi drugstore in Dongcheng District of Beijing, the reporter of Beijing News asked about the efficacy of Cordyceps sinensis in the store for buying gifts. The staff said it has the effects of improving human immunity, tonifying the kidney and fighting cancer. 'otherwise, it's so expensive. Many people buy it for this function (fighting cancer). 'the reporter of Beijing News found that many kinds of Cordyceps gift boxes sold in the store were produced by Ji'an Guangrun Herbal Pieces Co., Ltd. Later, the reporter of Beijing News asked Cui, the manager of the company, for the sake of consultation. The other side said that the product had anti-cancer effect.

A similar situation exists in other pharmacies. In xiyuantang, near Nanluoguxiang, Beijing, staff also claimed that Cordyceps has anti-cancer effect and sold well. 'Cordyceps has the effect of nourishing yin and Yang and inhibiting tumor. Many lung cancer patients are eating it, and it can also play a preventive role after eating it by people who are not ill. 'the Cordyceps product here is produced by Qinghai Xining Xuefeng Special Medicine Co., Ltd. the reporter of Beijing News called the company for the same reason. The other side said that although the product's outer package is not marked with efficacy, the Cordyceps product is good for improving human immunity, especially for lung disease, which can play an auxiliary role in cancer prevention, but it has to be taken for a long time.

Only the staff of Tongrentang drugstore near Peking Union Medical College Hospital said that Cordyceps sinensis is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and "we are talking about its efficacy according to the Pharmacopoeia. There is no cancer in the Pharmacopoeia and traditional Chinese medicine, and no medicine will say that it can treat cancer".

In addition, some franchise stores operating Cordyceps are not optimistic. The visit found that a jicao franchise store near Dengshikou has closed, and a store near Wangfujing that still has a franchise of Cordyceps has become a beauty shop.

In the e-commerce platform, the sales of Cordyceps are still hot. The reporter of Beijing News searched for "Cordyceps sinensis" on the shopping website. There were more than 900 kinds of products. According to the platform data, the monthly sales volume of 4 pieces of Cordyceps gift boxes of a certain business exceeded 6000.