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Holding back tears equals to chronic suicide. From now on, "let yourself go"

Holding back tears equals to chronic suicide. From now on, let yourself go it's said that women live longer than men, because women are easy to let go of their emotions, cry and laugh, and their emotions are not easy to suffer from internal injuries. On the contrary, men hide their emotions, so health always hides hidden dangers. It can be said that the release of emotions is of great help to health.

The world advocates crying if you want to. Don't suppress it. If you try to hold back the tears, it's not good. Some people say that to endure tears is to commit suicide. However, is it true?

Does stoic tear equal chronic suicide? Still let a person pretend to be strong?

Under what circumstances will you cry?

Usually in two cases, we cry, one is the stimulation of the external environment, such as cutting onions, the smoke is too big.

The other is caused by emotional stimulation, such as pain or excessive sadness.

What effect does tears have on eyes?

Tears are a kind of weak acid transparent colorless liquid, 98.2% of which are water, with a small amount of inorganic salt and protein, which taste slightly salty. Although tears are common, their function cannot be underestimated.

1. Moisten eyes

When we shed tears, tears will be evenly applied to the eyeball. Tears can not only moisturize the cornea, but also wash off the dirt on the eyeball surface, so that the eyes can be cleaned and have the effect of killing bacteria.

2. It helps blood circulation and metabolism

Tears, also known as breathing with tears, contribute to the work of the respiratory system and the blood circulation system.

Tears are the most effective way to relieve mental burden

The biggest benefit of tears is to expel toxins, release emotions and relax people. A lot of time will find that tears, a lot of relaxed.

Since tears are so useful, let's just have an onion.

Wait! Tears contain two important chemicals, enkephalin complex and prolactin, which can change the mood of human body and can only be discharged through emotional tears.

In other words, tears caused by sadness can alleviate emotions, while those caused by cutting onions can't.

Does stoicism really mean chronic suicide?

It is found that holding back tears does harm to the body. It is an important reason for ulcers, hypertension and mental disorders to cry without tears, but this kind of tears mostly refers to emotional tears.

It doesn't matter if you can't bear the tears caused by cutting onions. Besides, it's a difficult job to hold back tears. I can't help it if I don't want to. Try cutting an onion.

If it's emotional tears, it's painful and happy. Don't take too long. It's better within 15 minutes. Sometimes crying too long will damage memory and attention, and even reduce immunity.

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