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Poverty limits what imagination is. Poverty limits where imagination comes from

Poverty limits what imagination is. Poverty limits where imagination comes from today's Internet pundits are very popular. They are also the best at Zihei. Recently, the word "poverty limits my imagination" has caught fire. Netizens mock themselves that the poor don't understand the flowers of the world of local tyrants. Do you know where the word "poverty limits the imagination" comes from? Let's have a look next!

Word source edit

The origin of the word has a long history. It was occasionally mentioned before, but the real reason why it became popular as an Internet buzzword is that Fan Bingbing, a famous diamond ring on the Internet, was proposed. Many people say that it's inconvenient to wear such a big ring! As a result, the video of Fan Bingbing's diamond ring dismantling hit our face instantly, and it turned out that a small ring could be formed in the big ring Ring, we don't have to worry about them at all. Poverty limits our imagination

Development experience editor

Then on October 8, the microblog blogger posted a blog post @ witty snow leopard hugs Leopard 'I went to have a look @ Cai's microblog suggested that everyone go to see what poverty is, which limits imagination. I thoroughly understood the famous wedding planner in the blog post. The wedding planner posted many big wedding pictures on his microblog, which were described by netizens as smelling money and spitting Channel 'poverty limits my imagination', making the word once again popular on the Internet.

Reference sample edit

A modern poem, poverty:

When I was a child, my family was poor. When I was hungry, I looked up to see the sky. Once I

Looking at the clouds in the sky, he said: 'Daddy, look at that cloud in the sky. It looks like a big chicken leg?'

Not like that. '

'why, dad?'

'poverty limits my imagination. '

Poverty limits my imagination