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Which vegetables can be detoxified? Don't go into such a mistake

Usually some vegetables are added vitamins, but some vegetables can also be detoxified. How to distinguish which vegetables can detoxify? You need to know these mistakes~

What mistakes should we pay attention to when we eat vegetables for detoxification?

Misunderstanding 1. Drinking vegetable juice to detoxify intestines

Truth: the cellulose contained in vegetable juice is very limited. It's not reliable to drink vegetable juice to detoxify. Because the liver and kidney in the human body have detoxification function, drinking too much vegetable juice of the same quality will lead to insufficient intake of protein, fiber and healthy fat needed by the body, which is harmful to health, especially for pregnant women, the elderly and people in poor physical condition, which will be more dangerous. So it's better not to eat vegetable juice as three meals. In contrast, eating more fruits and vegetables is the way to health, because fruits and vegetables are rich in crude fiber ingredients, which can maintain the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract, ensure the regularity of gastrointestinal peristalsis, and increase the sense of fullness, which is helpful for intestinal detoxification.

Misunderstanding 2. Taking vegetarian every day to help bowel detoxification

Truth: occasional vegetarianism can give your gut time to rest, but it's not recommended to eat vegetarianism every day. Eating vegetarian food may not be as beautiful as you think, according to a study. When people eat too much animal like diet, it will cause the imbalance of intestinal flora, which will make the original beneficial bacteria disappear. Proper vegetarian diet can give the intestine time to rest. But the best way is to take in all kinds of nutrients in a balanced way and make a balanced and reasonable diet. At the same time of eating meat, we also need to eat some vegetables and fruits to supplement fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants, etc. to help the toxin discharge. Usually can also add some probiotics, promote intestinal health.

Misunderstanding 3. Frequent enema can detoxify

Truth: the fewer times enema is, the better. It's for curing diseases. Enema and detoxification is a special kind of enema machine, which uses 0.1 atmospheric pressure to pour 38 ℃ filtered pure water into the rectum from the anus, and then cleans the large intestine in sections. All kinds of toxins and parasites retained in the intestine for a long time are discharged from the body by enema. Experts pointed out that constipation in general, the first consideration should be through diet, water, exercise and other conditioning methods to promote defecation. Otherwise, a constipation will take medicine or enema, may produce dependence, defecation reflex is more difficult to produce. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, enema and detoxification should be less, preferably once a year.