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How to increase the quota of ant Huabei

How to increase the quota? Huabei is a good thing. The higher the quota, the better. How to increase the amount is as follows:

1、 Just like credit card, using Huabei must pay back on time, and it can also improve sesame credit score. If the repayment is not made on time, the overdue record will affect the sesame score.

What's more, if you don't pay back the money for a long time, the risk control personnel of Huabei will call your relatives and friends to urge you to repay the money. This kind of thing is too embarrassing. Don't play with fire.

2、 Pay more with flowers. Water and electricity, telephone, Taobao, can use flowers, try to use flowers, especially large payment.

The default payment method of Alipay now is set to flower.

The following is the specific setting method, the factory director hand-in-hand Teaching:

Open up Alipay, click on my column, then set up.

*Then find payment settings

*Then find the order of deduction

*Finally, move the flower to the top.

Well, it's done!

3. Try to interact with friends with high score as much as possible. The director is a severe patient of Alipay. He usually only uses Alipay for payment and transfers. (except that wechat is used to give everyone a red envelope in the financial management group)

Birds of a feather flock together. Nouveau riche can't belittle the big data of Alipay like attracts like. It can prove that you and tyrant are friends, proving that you belong to this circle.

4, if you have spare cash, you can buy some financial products in Alipay, such as monetary fund, and the factory director has put tens of thousands of them into daily consumption.

5, improve personal information on Alipay, including academic attestation, social security fund, vehicle certification and so on.

This is just like the online loan platform. The more we do, the higher we will score the platform and the more money we will invest.

6, Hua Bai will provide temporary quotas for some high quality users, especially during some activities, such as double 11, you can try to open your Alipay.

Once again, the factory director taught hand in hand

Click "my quota" in Huahua Baili. If you have the conditions to apply for the temporary quota, you will see the collection entrance;

Then continue to click to enter. (if not, it's only before the double 11)

Enter the collection page. It should be noted that the temporary line of Huabei has only 30 days of service life, and priority should be given to the temporary line when repaying.


Of course, the spending quota can not only be increased, but also be reduced (what if there is a black sheep in the family?).

This kind of thankless thing, the factory director will not say more

Finally, I'd like to say that Huabei is a good thing, but it really doesn't mean that we need to use it because we are poor.