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Which parts of vegetables are the most nutritious you don't know

Which parts of vegetables are the most nutritious you don't know speaking of the changes on our dinner table in recent years, I'm afraid that housewives who cook every day have the most say. They go to the market every day to buy all kinds of dishes. The meals they cook at home are also colorful, and they can be made without heavy samples for a week. So what are the most nutritious parts of so many vegetables? Are there any nutritious parts that have been given up?

The leaves of the following vegetables are the most nutritious place, but almost many people don't eat them and directly throw them into the garbage can when cooking.

The first is celery. We only eat stems, not leaves. But the calcium and iron contained in celery leaves is a good medicine to prevent osteoporosis and anemia. Celery stem contains sodium, about 20% of human bone is sodium, so it is recommended to eat the whole root, do not be different. Some people say that celery leaves are not delicious. The right way is to put the celery leaves into the pot and stir fry for about 10 seconds.

Spinach root, remember Popeye? In fact, spinach root is rich in iron, vitamin ACK, etc., which can prevent skin and visceral bleeding, but its root contains a lot of dietary fiber, which causes spinach leaves and stems to ripen, but the root is not ripe. The way is to clean it, then put the root in the chopsticks and boil it for 30 seconds, and put it in the whole one. After ripening, the taste will be the same, which is also very good Eat.

Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc and sterol, which can effectively reduce the risk of prostate. Can fry, can bake, melon seeds all know, actually also sell pumpkin seeds.

We are afraid of waxing the apple skin, so wash it well with hot water and rub it with salt. The nutrient elements contained in the apple wash are not to mention. It's worth mentioning that the fiber contained in the apple wash can prevent constipation.