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Why does Chow Yun fat have no children to make thousands of people cry! Chow Yun fat was a worthy big brother task ten years ago or now, but he has no children since he was over half a hundred years old. What's the matter? What's the reason behind this? Let's take a look at it!

"Fage" Zhou Runfa started his career 40 years ago as a big brother in the acting industry. He and his wife Chen Huilian have been married for 30 years with stable and sweet feelings, but they have never given birth to half a man and half a woman, which has made the outside world curious for many years. Some media have disclosed the real reason why Chow Yun fat has no children so far: his daughter is too young to let his wife suffer again.

Recently, Mrs. Zhou Runfa, Chen Huilian, gave an interview and talked about her lost daughter for the first time: 'my daughter died. At the end of 1991, Chen Huilian, who was pregnant, showed signs of childbirth. After she was sent to the hospital, she found that her baby's neck was choked by umbilical cord entanglement, and she died after emergency rescue. Speaking of her daughter, Chen Huilian was so excited that she even shed tears.

Although the only daughter she lost unfortunately, Chen Huilian is still full of love. She said: 'I can't give this love to my daughter, but I can spread it to others. 'admirable.