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How does Alipay add Alipay clerk how to add a notice to the clerk?

Now, Alipay businessmen or individual businesses can let shopkeepers go to Alipay's shop assistants through the addition of shop assistants, so that the clerk can instantly know the receipt of Alipay. After collection, there will be real-time voice prompt notice of arrival, and you can also audit. Come and learn how to add it.

How does Alipay add shop assistants?

1, open the Alipay APP application in your mobile phone.

2. Click on 'more' in Alipay home page.

3. Then pull up in the jump page to find 'capital flow' and click 'business services' in this column.

4. On the merchant services page, click Manage.

5. Select the "shop assistant" setting in the "management" setting.

6. Select 'add shop assistant' and a code will pop up

7, then use the Alipay of the clerk, 'sweep up' the code.

In the jump page (which is still in the Alipay of the shop assistant), click 'immediately become a salesperson'.

8. After completion, the system will send a prompt to confirm the successful addition. (Alipay, clerk)

9. And you can see the newly added shop assistants through the shop assistants.