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Is toxic milk red? What stem does Yang power poison milk color?

Yesterday, Yang Mi sent a micro blog about the toxic milk color. It was not clear for a while. So, do you know what the stem of the toxic milk color is? Is the toxic milk color the red number of the mouth?

Yesterday, the last four finals of the S7 global finals of the League of heroes were held in Shanghai. SKT defeated RNG of all huaban 3-2 in the end, and RNG failed to make it to the final of the bird's nest. After the game, coach RNG left on his own initiative. Playing wild mlxg in his seat for a long time, he didn't want to leave. ADC dog cried bitterly. Let the majority of netizens very sad.

For a while, including Xiaohu, faker, we, unfortunately garrio, commentator Li Jiahang and other S7 Related words were all on Weibo hot search.

Huang Xudong, a star commentator known as e-racing toxic milk due to his strong milk power, also made a hot search on Weibo.

And in the early morning of today, Yang Mi wrote in his microblog: "I want to know how many girls I've got to see the hot Search Drug cream color as a new red number!"!

In just a few hours, the number of microblog messages has reached more than ten thousand, and many of them are just like Yang Mi. Many fans left a message saying: what lipstick is toxic milk color? I only know there is forgiveness color, but I still don't know toxic milk color

In addition, when Mr. Seung was advertising with enthusiasm, he also poisoned the afternoon game. We: don't go back to Weibo blindly. Hurry up to practice a few games. You don't want to be 3-0 by Samsung in the afternoon. Your team leader just slipped 200 yuan of my red bag. I'll give it back and leave it to you to go back to the base after losing the taxi.