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What is the origin of Halloween

What is the origin of Halloween in a few days, the Western Halloween will come. On this day, people like to dress up as ghosts, carry pumpkin lights, dance and March in the street. Children will become cute little ghosts and knock on the door for candy. Do you know what day Halloween is? What is the origin of Halloween? Let's have a look at it together!

Halloween is also called zhushengjie. It is a traditional western festival on November 1 every year. October 31, the eve of Halloween, is the most lively time of the festival. In Chinese, Halloween is often mistakenly translated as all saints' day.

The origin of Halloween

About the origin of Halloween, there are many versions, and it is widely spread that more than 2000 years ago, the Christian Church in Europe designated November 1 as "All Hallows \ 'Day". 'hallow' means saint. Legend has it that Celts, who lived in Ireland, Scotland and other places, moved the festival forward one day since 500 BC, that is, October 31. They think it's the day when summer officially ends, that is, the beginning of new year and the beginning of severe winter. At that time, it was believed that the dead soul of the old man would return to his former residence on this day to search for the living spirit in the living man, so as to regenerate, and this was the only hope that the man could obtain regeneration after death. The living people are afraid of the souls of the dead to seize life, so people put out the fire and candle light on this day, so that the souls of the dead can not find the living people, and they dress up as ghosts to scare the souls of the dead away.

After that, they will light up the fire and candles again and start a new year's life. Halloween is actually a celebration of autumn, just like may day is a celebration of spring. Druid, the priest of ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland, had a grand festival to celebrate autumn, which lasted from midnight on October 31 to November 1 the next day. They believed that on that night their great God of death, Saman, summoned all the ghosts of those who had died that year, and those evil spirits would be punished by being entrusted as animals. Of course, as long as we think of this kind of ghost party, it is enough to frighten the simple minded fools at that time. So they set fire to the sky and watched the evil spirits closely.

That's the beginning of the idea that witches and ghosts are everywhere on Halloween. So far, in some isolated parts of Europe, some people believe that this is true. Ancient Romans also had a festival on November 1, which was used to pay homage to their goddess Pomona. They baked nuts and apples in front of the bonfire. Our Halloween seems to be a mixture of Roman and Druid festivals. Halloween was very simple, and most of it was in church. But across Europe, Halloween is seen as an opportunity to play, tell ghost stories and scare each other. So people no longer use this festival to praise autumn, but let it become a festival of gods, witches and ghosts.

Halloween costumes originated from pranks. Adults take their children out with them (generally, adults drive by the side of the road, and children say, 'trick or treat'. Adults ask their children to go to the house where the festival is arranged and the lights are lit in advance, otherwise they are not allowed to disturb. In addition, we must always wait at the gate during the process of asking for sugar. We are not allowed to enter the house. The sugar we ask for should also be handed over to adults for inspection before eating. The family that receives the child also asks not to give the food that oneself makes, also do not give the food that does not pack.

Halloween costumes, thousands of people, not just monotonous ghosts. To make the simplest ghost costume, a white sheet is put on the head, and two holes are dug for eyes; to play the magician, a black suit and black pants are put on, then a black hat is put on, and a fluffy rabbit is hidden between the hat and the top of the head for standby; a white suit and white pants are put on by a child, and a flashlight is tied on the back to the head to dress up as a little angel; some parents dress up their children as their favorite cards Through image.