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Will you be fined if you don't bring your license? Traffic police can help you break through the lie we are all used to putting driving license in the car, but sometimes we forget to bring the license when we change the car temporarily, which is just spot checked by the traffic police uncle. What should we do at this time?

It is rumored on the Internet that driving without a license will be treated as unlicensed driving. This makes a lot of children's shoes nervous, especially Ma Daha. In case of forgetting to bring your driver's license, the key is to be detained if you don't mention the fine. Tiechuang tears are not fun!

Today, the traffic police came to debunk the rumors one by one

Rumors 1:

Forget driving license = driving without license?

In the process of driving, he didn't take his driving license with him. After being spot checked by the police, he was identified as driving without a license.

In fact, the traffic police will only deal with the situation of forgetting to take the driver's license, and will not judge it as driving without a license. The traffic police will not detain the owner, but will detain your car, and wait for the owner to take the driver's license to the traffic police brigade to pick up the car. However, it is still a traffic offence not to carry a driving license! Please see the figure below:

Rumors 2:

Driving non licensed vehicle = driving without license?

Some friends mistakenly drive non approved cars, will be recognized as unlicensed driving? Really not so exaggerated

If you are a C1 driver's license, but mistakenly drive the A1 or B1 model, you will be judged by the traffic police as driving the model inconsistent with the model, rather than driving without a license, and you will be fined 12 points and 200-2000 yuan.

The punishment is still very severe, so you have to see clearly which models your license can drive!

Look at the pictures below!

Rumors 3:

Will the driver's license be cancelled when it expires?

A driver's license expired is driving without a license. If a new license is not replaced in time, it will be cancelled? That's not entirely true. According to the regulations, if a driver's license has expired for one year and has not been replaced, it will be cancelled. Within two years after cancellation, if a written test is passed, the driver's license can be restored.

There are three types of license validity: six years, ten years and long term. The first time a driver applies for a driver's license, the period of validity is six years. If the driver fails to deduct 12 points for six consecutive years, the driver's license can be replaced for ten years after the expiration of the license. In the same way, if there is no deduction of 12 points in the same year in this decade, the long-term driver's license can be replaced.

Restore truth

1. No motor vehicle driver's license issued by China's Public Security Traffic Management Department

2. Use illegal means to obtain the motor vehicle driver's license issued by the public security traffic management department of China

3. Driving a motor vehicle during the period when the driver's license is revoked or suspended