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What's the secret behind the doll machine? Why are you crazy about it

Going to the game hall, many girls prefer dolls with dolls to riding motorcycles and pushing coins. Dolls that are harmless to human beings and animals are beautiful and lovely. They can be caught with good luck. It's lucky to come. Compared with that kind of pure entertainment game, dolls seem to be more affordable. They have prizes as well as games. It's really tense and exciting.

The doll is placed in a glass box. It looks cute. It's just separated by a layer of glass. It's easy to get. No wonder it has attracted countless children's infatuation. As a doll grabber, Xiaobian has been one of them for many years... Despite repeated battles and defeats, but also repeated defeats and battles!

A few days ago, Hu Bo, a post-90s baby God, once again set off a wave in the baby circle. Although the great God is the post-90s, he has taken 3000 different kinds of dolls in the last nine months!

Once, Hu Bo grabbed three bags of 70 small dolls in the Optical Valley business district. When he dragged them out to find a car to check in, the staff of the shopping mall thought he was putting dolls. Another time, Hu Bo grabbed 35 big dolls in one breath. His heartbroken boss told him that he couldn't afford to catch such a small shop. Hu Bo is also witty. Later, when he went there, he took only one bag with him and left when he was full.

When some bosses saw that he was holding a bag, they begged him to keep it as little as possible. As if across the screen to see the business resentment eyes

So how much money is put into the doll machine and less dolls are pulled out, and how many routines are there behind it?

1. The seller disclosed that the success probability can be adjusted at will

A doll grabber can control the grip strength by adjusting the voltage. Generally, there are two settings: strong grip and weak grip. If it's a weak grip, it's about one out of 50 and one out of 200. The grabbing process is divided into two parts: grabbing the doll and transporting the doll. The grabbing force can be set in sections. If the strong grabbing force is set to 2 seconds, the grabbing force will be changed to weak grabbing force after 2 seconds to make the doll drop unconsciously in the midair, causing customers' desire to continuously coin and play the game again. According to the customer service staff, each of their baby catching machines ranges from 3000 yuan to 7000 yuan. It is better to choose the location of the doll grabbing machine in large shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, KTVs, restaurants, etc., as long as there are many children, young people or lovers. Hu Bo said that he can understand the skills as soon as he sees them, but when he goes to practice, he still pays a lot of tuition fees. In the first month, he spent nearly 4000 yuan, only catching less than 200 small dolls, and suffered heavy losses.

2. Unattended, online payment and self-service currency exchange

It is understood that the general large shopping malls, baby dolls are located in a larger area of mobile phones, in addition to the use of cash convertible money game, each doll game game shop has set up WeChat coins, Alipay pay functions, so as to facilitate the customer experience without change.

3. Implement preferential policies

In order to attract customers to visit, many businesses carry out large preferential activities, such as: 10 yuan for 11 coins, 20 yuan for 23 coins, 50 yuan for 60 coins. Some stores will launch "catch policy", that is, when the total amount of one-time coin investment reaches the gift pricing amount, you can grab the gift indefinitely until you catch it.

What's the matter? Do you think the doll machine's routine is a bit deep here? But Xiaobian thinks that, even if we know these things, 'catching dolls' is still a popular entertainment and consumption industry. After all, what it's like to catch dolls, and its sense of achievement is no less than winning the lottery, so we always try our luck on the impulse that we can't bear As soon as I entered the game city, half of the game coins were given to the dolls... If you want to take one or two spoils back, you still have a sense of achievement~~

The temptation of holding the doll machine is nothing more than this. Just like gambling, it is addictive, so Xiaobian should remind you that although the doll is good, it should be grasped and vigilant!