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Drinking flower wine on the Double Ninth Festival to keep healthy and give care to the elderly

Today is the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, which is the traditional festival of Chongyang. On September 9th, the homophony of "Jiu Jiu" is "long time", which means a long time. Therefore, the ancestor worship and filial piety worship activities are often carried out on this day. The Double Ninth Festival is in the late autumn. It's cool and dry, so it's more important to keep healthy in this season.

Drink chrysanthemum wine for health preservation on Double Ninth Festival

Chrysanthemum is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum has the functions of evacuating wind heat, calming liver, clearing eyes, clearing away heat and detoxifying. At the same time, pharmacological research also confirmed that chrysanthemum can significantly expand the coronary artery and increase the coronary blood flow, slow down the heart rate, and increase the contractility of the heart muscle.

So why use chrysanthemum to make wine? Chrysanthemum to make wine has a long history in China, which can be traced back to the Wei and Jin Dynasties. Modern chemical analysis shows that the whole chrysanthemum contains volatile oil, chrysanthemum glycosides, flavonoids, amino acids, choline and other components, and alcohol, as a good solvent, can better dissolve these effective components in chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum wine has the medicinal value of clearing away heat and detoxification, clearing eyes and expelling wind, smoothing liver and dispersing lung, benefiting Yin and nourishing kidney. There are two kinds of chrysanthemum wine: chrysanthemum wine and chrysanthemum wine.

The production methods of chrysanthemum wine are recorded in ancient books, such as Xijing Miscellany and Beishan wine classic, and the methods are basically the same. Among them, Xijing miscellany records that chrysanthemum is used for Shushi, stems and leaves are collected, and miscellaneous millet is used for brewing. When it is ripe on September 9 of next year, it will be drunk, so it is called chrysanthemum wine It can be seen that ancient chrysanthemum wine was brewed for the second Double Ninth Festival in the first year.

In the Song Dynasty, the method of making chrysanthemum wine was simplified. "Lisao grass and trees sparse" said: Chrysanthemum harvest in August, exposure dry, soaked in wine, drink every other month It is recorded in the Thousand Golden Moon order that chrysanthemum and dogwood are used to float on the wine and drink it, etc.

If you are interested in making chrysanthemum wine by yourself, the following methods are recommended: take 250g chrysanthemum, 10 pieces chrysanthemum leaves, 150g honey, 1800 ml rice wine, soak for about 2 weeks and then drink. It has the functions of relieving eye fatigue, headache, reducing blood pressure and calming nerves.

Chrysanthemum wine is good, but not greedy. Small drinks are good for the mood, big drinks are bad for the body, and drinking must be moderate. In addition, in addition to the chrysanthemum wine on the day of Chongyang, we can also eat some chrysanthemum tea and chrysanthemum congee in our daily life, which are also good for our health.

Attention should be paid to the health preservation of Chongyang Festival

Diet is light to prevent dryness in autumn.

Before and after the Double Ninth Festival, autumn dryness is obvious.

Due to the influence of autumn dryness, respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, rhinitis, etc., are particularly easy to appear in autumn, especially for the elderly with low immunity. To deal with autumn dryness, you can use some suitable methods to moisten dryness. Prevention of autumn dryness should be based on a light diet, eat less greasy, sweet and spicy products, eat more coarse grains and foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and exercise properly to promote blood circulation.

In addition to drinking more boiled water, light tea, soymilk, milk and other drinks, you should also eat more sweet potatoes, corn, vegetables, persimmons, honey, black fungus, tremella, lily, banana, olive, grape, pear, walnut, sesame, red dates and other soft products.

Keep warm and add clothes in time.

Spring and autumn should be moderate.

Before and after the Double Ninth Festival, the temperature difference in a day changes greatly, and cold air often invades, causing the temperature to drop suddenly. Friends should pay attention to timely add clothes to keep warm, enhance physical fitness and prevent cold. Whether to add clothes or not should be decided according to the change of weather, but it is not appropriate to add too much clothes, subject to the feeling of not cold. As the saying goes: if you want to go out in March and September, you need to take off work frequently. Therefore, you should prepare more autumn clothes to increase or decrease as you like.

In the transitional season of autumn and winter, we should not only keep warm when we go out, but also prevent catching cold at home. For example, cold water can be used to wash the face to strengthen the cold resistance of the human body; frequent sun bedding to allow UV sterilization; drink more hot water to promote metabolism and eat more cold food to generate heat.

Go to bed early and get up early. Take a proper nap.

In autumn and March, early to bed and early to rise, it's popular with chickens.

Internal Classic of the Yellow Emperor. Plain questions. In the great treatise on the four Qi regulating spirit, it is said that in autumn and March, people lie early and get up early, which is popular with chickens That is to say, health preservation in autumn should lie early and get up early. Early lying, to comply with the collection of Yin essence, to Nourish Qi; early rising, to comply with the relaxation of Yang Qi, so that the lung qi can be stretched. If you get up early in autumn, you can reduce or shorten the chance of thrombosis, which has a certain significance for the prevention of cerebral thrombosis.

In addition to improving the quality of sleep at night, there should be a proper nap to supplement. Siesta can relax the cardiovascular system and reduce the tension of human body. Autumn still has long days and short nights. People often go to bed late and get up early. Taking a nap can not only give a good rest to the brain and all systems of the body, but also effectively help people maintain psychological balance and prevent myocardial infarction. According to the survey, a half-hour nap every day can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 30%.

Hot water is better than tonic.

Chinese folk proverbs also say that washing feet every day is better than taking medicine. Because foot bath can promote blood circulation, foot has the name of the second heart of human body, foot is the farthest away from the heart of human body and the heaviest burden, so this place is most prone to poor blood circulation, so the classical medicine records that people have feet, just like trees have roots, the withered roots are exhausted first, and people's old feet are aging first, especially those who often feel cold hands and feet, foot bath is an excellent health care method.

Exercise reasonably and regulate lung qi.

Autumn has a pleasant climate. It's a good season for exercise If we insist on proper physical exercise, traditional Chinese medicine can not only regulate lung qi and improve the function of lung organs, but also enhance the immune function of tissues and organs and the body's resistance to external cold stimulation. But there's something to watch out for in sports. Collect a few key points of exercise and health care in autumn, hope everyone can move healthily and safely.

It's cold in the early morning of autumn. You can't go outdoors in single clothes. Exercise should not take off too much, should wait for the body to heat, can take off too much clothes; after exercise, do not wear sweaty clothes in the cold wind to stay, in order to prevent cold. Autumn is a good season for exercise, but at this time, because the Yin, essence and Yang Qi of human body are in the stage of convergence and internal nourishment, the exercise should also conform to this principle, that is, the amount of exercise should not be too large, in order to prevent excessive sweating, Yang Qi loss, the exercise should choose the easy and gentle items with small amount of activity.

Climb high and enjoy chrysanthemums to prevent the sad autumn.

In autumn, the weather is cool and pleasant, but the sunshine is gradually reduced and the temperature is reduced. In late autumn, when the grass and leaves are withered and the flowers and trees are withered, it often makes some old people feel sad and twilight, which leads to melancholy and fidgety. Therefore, there is a sad saying about autumn wind and rain. In ancient China, there was a custom of climbing high and enjoying the scenery on the Double Ninth Festival of the ninth lunar month. At this time, the elderly, if their physical conditions permit, go to the mountaineering. Will be relaxed and happy, so that all melancholy, sad things immediately dissipate.

So some people think that mountaineering is a good way to treat depression. At ordinary times, a proper amount of climbing can not only promote the blood circulation of the whole body, but also enhance the cardiopulmonary function. The cardiopulmonary function is strong, which not only improves the immunity of oneself, but also the effect of beauty. Since ancient times, scholars love chrysanthemum more, and when chrysanthemum opens, there are more people enjoying chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum has a fresh smell. It has a refreshing effect. Drinking tea made from Chrysanthemum not only has the unique fragrance of chrysanthemum, but also can remove fire, nourish liver and eyesight.

Keep a peaceful mood, get close to nature, climb high and look far, open-minded and cheerful, and let health go with you.