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How to invoice in xiaohongshu

How to invoice in xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu is a community e-commerce platform to help the next generation of consumers find good things around the world. So how does little red book invoice? Little Red Book invoice process at a glance.

Details of xiaohongshu's invoice:

As xiaohongshu belongs to overseas shopping software, only the goods directly issued by Shanghai warehouse and domestic businesses (non bonded warehouse) can be invoiced, while bonded warehouse and overseas warehouse belong to overseas shopping software, so domestic invoice service is not supported.

If you want to meet the customer service requirements, please contact the customer service center in the left corner

1. Package number of the commodity;

2. The title or tax number of the individual / company;

3. The name of the commodity to be invoiced;

4. Invoice mailing contact name, address and contact information.