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Friends circle brush "left and right brain age test" results are random with pictures and truth

Yesterday, the wechat friend circle of the left and right brain test occupied the small editor's circle of friends, thinking that this kind of random test to the results is not rare, ah, today, the whole test code has been cracked, it's really nothing in the world just afraid of the intentional people!

Test results of left and right brain age of heat transfer

Shortly after the heat of the "left and right brain age test", some netizens said that the same answer would get different scores, and questioned the authenticity of the test results. At the same time, some programmers said that studying the test code found that the measured age is actually just a random number. Relevant experts believe that there is no scientific basis for testing the age of the left and right brain, and there is no division of labor between the left and right brain. When engaged in complex activities, it is actually a collaborative operation between the left and right brain.

Left and right brain age test brush up friend circle

'is the man's eyes in a straight line? My result is that the left brain is 33 years old and the right brain is 5 years old. "Recently, a test about the age of left and right brain" brush up "the circle of friends. Many netizens published their own test results and added some joking words.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily noted that there was a two-dimensional code attached to the picture that caused the heat transfer at first, but shortly after the heat transfer, after scanning the two-dimensional code, he pointed out that the web page contained unsafe content and was complained by many people. In order to maintain the green online environment, he stopped visiting. However, after the QR code scanning page was forbidden to visit, there were still small program tests available. As of 7:00 last night, more than 23.9 million people were testing on the small program page.

Yesterday, the reporter of Beiqing daily saw that there were 9 questions in the "left and right brain age test", each with 2-4 options. The questions include: 'is this man's eye in a straight line?' 'which vertical line in the cube is perpendicular to?' 'can you see the letters in the picture?' 'what color is the kitchen supplies in the picture?' 'which Mona Lisa in the picture looks at you?' 'and so on. After testing, the reporter of Beiqing news got the results of 'left brain 19 years old, right brain 20 years old'. At the same time, a detailed analysis of the text said that 'the left brain and the right brain are young, active thinking, and tend to be full of spiritual thinking' and so on.

In addition, netizens also measured the results of "left brain 27 years old, right brain 43 years old", "left brain 33 years old, right brain 5 years old", "left brain 35 years old, right brain 8 years old" and "left brain 39 years old, right brain 22 years old".

Test results raise questions

The "left and right brain age test" has aroused heated discussion among netizens after it was widely spread in the circle of friends. Mr. Wang, who has done the test, said that according to the results, his right brain was only 5 years old. "It may be that he used less right brain in normal times, and never thought that there was such a big gap between intelligence and actual age before.". But at the same time, Mr. Wang also raised a question: 'I have done many experiments and selected the same answer several times, but got different scores, and the results are very different. '

Ms. Li said that she has seen many test results in her circle of friends, many times' left brain is 27 years old, right brain is 43 years old ', and' the feeling results are the same and the same, so there should be a template. '

Some netizens also said that they didn't pay too much attention to the results, and they only did tests for fun. Ms. Liu said that after seeing a lot of people in the circle of friends to print pictures, she also scanned the code and made questions. "In fact, it's a kind of entertainment, just like the constellation test, which is a kind of psychological comfort and reference. It doesn't have much significance or need to be taken seriously. '

Test code 'picked up' by programmer

Just after the "left and right brain age test" game became popular, a netizen released a picture saying that a programmer "pulled out" the test code of the game, in which there was a code that can get a random number, saying that the left and right brain age is a randomly assigned number, rather than a result of scientific analysis based on the topic.

Yesterday, the reporter of Beiqing daily contacted Mr. Chen, a programmer of a technology Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Province. After testing the game "fire", Mr. Chen also cracked the test code according to the website. Mr. Chen said that the key to this test is two codes, 'ansrandom' and 'ansrandom2'. These two codes generate two random numbers respectively. The random numbers generated by ansrandom point to the results of brain age. Ansrandom2 generates the problems of generating random numbers. In fact, after opening the page, the result has been generated by ansrandom. Mr. Chen also said that according to the returned result data, it can be seen that the result is a fixed number of pictures. After generating a random number, go to take one of the pictures to display.

As for whether there is a preference for the test results, some of them appear more frequently. Mr. Chen called this a probability problem. "In the program, which range is the highest point, which will be a little more naturally.". '

At present, there have been several versions of "left and right brain age test" on the Internet. Mr. Chen said that the code principle is basically the same, but the age range will be adjusted, "the answer is randomly generated, and the question certainly has no relationship with brain age. '

There is no scientific basis for the test results

Yesterday, a reporter from Beiqing daily contacted Shen Zheng, a professor of psychology at Peking University who has been engaged in brain research for many years. Shen Zheng said that there was no scientific reason for testing the age of left and right brain. Shen Zheng introduced that the human brain does not have the problem of left and right division of labor. "When engaged in more complex and higher-level psychological activities, they are all left and right brain cooperative operations. Some netizens think that the left brain is mainly in charge of abstract thinking and the right brain is mainly in charge of image thinking, which Shen Zheng also denies. 'it doesn't exist either, because unlike our hands and feet, the left and right hands can be controlled by themselves, but the left and right brains can't be controlled by themselves, and there is no division of labor. '

For the question of whether the brain has a specific age, Shen Zheng said that the age of the brain is related to the actual age of the human body. "For example, there will be such a general range of division as young people, middle-aged people and old people, but there will not be specific numbers to express like this test. '

At the same time, Shen Zheng believed that the test questions in the test focused on the brain's perception and reasoning ability, but could not be completely used as brain test questions. "Actually, these questions come from the intelligence test, including the operation intelligence score and the language intelligence score, but it is unscientific to get the brain age through such several questions. '