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How can I use the Alipay payment code to give the Alipay payment code?


Since February 20, the payment code is only used for payment, and no longer has the function of transfer collection. All collection functions will be entered into the 'I want to pay' page. When consumers pay to merchants, they can still log on to Alipay, click on 'payment' at the top of the home page, display two-dimensional code and bar code to businessmen, businesses use scanning equipment or cameras and other devices to quickly scan the user's two-dimensional code to complete the transaction. It is worth noting that under the protection of the security system, it is not necessary to verify the payment password for each order less than 1000 yuan, and it is necessary to verify the payment password for large transactions. When used for the first time, payment can only be made through the network. Then you can pay without the Internet.

For those who use the payment code for consumption transactions, we still need to remind them not to disclose any information on the payment code page through other channels. The QR code and bar code will be automatically updated every minute and will be valid for a short time after generation.

Can the Alipay payment code be given to someone else?

We already know that the arrival of unknown two-dimensional code can not be easily scanned, you may be deceived. However, do you know that your payment code can not be easily provided to others. Recently, the police have found a criminal method of using payment code to defraud. I hope the general public will be careful and keep the payment code in your hand!

Shopkeeper Xiao Tang opened a clothing store on Taobao. One day, he bought the clothes for Xiao Tang store for the buyer, but the amount of ant flower was already full. There was no way to pay directly. Let Xiao Tang send the Alipay payment code to him for payment. Seeing that the buyer sincerely wanted to buy his own things, Xiao Tang relaxed his vigilance and sent the payment code photo to the other party, waiting for the collection. However, what I did not expect was that when Alipay's account was deducted for nearly 1000 yuan, Xiao Tang realized that he had been cheated.

Similar fraud cases have occurred on wechat payment platform. Xiao Zhang sells his idle items through the salted fish net, and a netizen comes over to make an inquiry. After the two sides have settled the agreement, the other side says that their Alipay account balance is insufficient, and the payment is made in the form of WeChat red packet. Xiao Zhang agrees. After adding wechat friends, the other party said that Hongbo ah on wechat was limited and could not complete the payment, so he asked Xiao Zhang to give him a screenshot of the payment code. After sending it, Xiao Zhang found that his wechat account had been transferred 499 yuan.

At present, with the gradual popularization of mobile payment, Alipay and WeChat wallets have launched the payment method for payment code. In this way, both the buyer and the seller can take advantage of each other.

In fact, the payment page includes bar code, digital code and two-dimensional code, all of which can be used for business code scanning payment. Payment fraud and the implementation of the public will usually choose not to distinguish between the code. Providing your own payment code, whether it's a screenshot or a digital code in the report, is equivalent to giving the 'bank card + password' to someone else. If someone sweeps it, the funds in the account will be deducted.

In order to prevent cheaters from being cheated by payment codes, Alipay and WeChat have already processed screenshots on the payment code page. Alipay payment code page Android mobile phone can not screenshots, apple mobile phone after screenshots automatically failed.

After the screenshot of wechat payment code page, the prevention prompt will pop up automatically

Xiaobian provides you with the payment code. You can only show it when you pay in person in offline stores. Don't use it for online payment or collection. In the use of Alipay, WeChat and other payment tools, we must be vigilant, do not photograph the payment code page to others, nor do we provide the figures of the payment code page to others, so as not to cause capital loss.