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480 yuan is fried to 13000 how to return a responsibility? Ticket price of S7 finals of hero League

This year is the first time that the global finals of the League of heroes have been held in China. Some scalpers have fried 480 yuan tickets to 13000 yuan. Many netizens have failed to buy tickets and many players are dissatisfied. How to buy tickets for the League of heroes?

The S7 season global finals of the League of heroes will be held at the bird's nest in Beijing on November 4.

Tickets for the global finals of the hero League of E-sports games will be available at 10 a.m. on the 25th. As this is the first time that the global finals of this event have been held in China, it has attracted the attention of many players. But shortly after the tickets were sold, the system of broke down, leading to the failure of a large number of players to seize tickets. At the same time, the news that the tickets of the finals with the original price of 480 yuan were fried to 13000 yuan began to appear on the Internet. On the evening of the 25th, the official micro blog of released a statement on the matter, saying that the emergency repair has returned to normal due to the failure caused by the sudden increase of traffic.

Players are dissatisfied with ticket purchase failure

For many League of heroes players, the global finals of the League of heroes, which will be held in the bird's nest in Beijing on November 4, is definitely an event that cannot be missed. This is the first time that the finals of this world-famous E-sports event have been held in China. Before the tickets were officially put on sale, many players on social networking sites said that they had set multiple alarm clocks and began to snatch tickets.

At 10 a.m. on the 25th, tickets for the finals opened on time at But shortly after the tickets were sold, a lot of news about the failure of ticket grabbing appeared on the Internet. Due to the system failure, many netizens' booking process has been blocked in the network queuing stage, and they are not easy to enter the interface but are told that there are no seats available for sale. '

The original price is 480 yuan and it's fried to 13000 yuan

What's more discontenting to the players is that while they are struggling to buy tickets, it seems that some scalpers have seized the tickets. According to the screenshot circulated on the Internet, a ticket with an official price of 480 yuan has been fried to 13000 yuan, 27 times the original price. On other ticket buying websites, there are also a large number of premium ticket scalpers.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter search found that at present, some large-scale e-commerce platforms have appeared on the finals tickets, prices ranging from 1000 yuan to 8000 yuan. According to, tickets for the finals are only 280 yuan at the minimum and 1280 yuan at the maximum.

Barley network responds to hardware failure

At 5:45 p.m. on October 25, the official microblog of the League of heroes announced that it would continue to communicate with barley to check the problem orders, which would be recycled and sold again. Soon, the official micro blog of also released the project description of the global finals (Beijing station) of the League of heroes. According to the article, although barley network has predicted the project pressure in advance and made technical prevention and control measures and emergency plans, due to the sudden increase of access flow reaching the maximum limit, the bandwidth is filled up in an instant, and in the case of large-scale users triggering the flow restriction, some users' ticket purchase process is frequently interrupted. At 10:50 on the same day, barley network monitoring found that there was abnormal access to the Internet address, and finally confirmed that barley load balancing server failed because the traffic was too large to exceed the hardware capacity. After emergency repair, the business was back to normal at 11:40.

In the note, barley said: 'this year is the first time that the global finals of the League of heroes have been held in China. Barley is honored to participate as the only official sales platform designated by the organizer. However, as hundreds of thousands or even millions of players gather in each event to grab tickets online at the same time, the actual number of tickets available for sale is up to tens of thousands, which is really difficult to meet the needs of all players. '

Barley reminds players that it will strictly verify the identity of users who have successfully purchased tickets and strictly restrict their admission qualifications. Tickets purchased through unofficial channels may not be able to enter normally at that time.