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How to choose grapefruit? What are the tips for picking grapefruit?

In this season, the most popular fruit is grapefruit. Grapefruit is sour, sweet and delicious. It smells sweet. It can not only reduce the fire and dry, but also put it in the refrigerator to get rid of the peculiar smell. It's really delicious and practical. But if you pick a bad grapefruit, it will be bitter and astringent. Do you know how to pick a good grapefruit? Is there any skill in picking grapefruit?

Usually, when choosing grapefruit, you should choose from skin, color, shape, weight and other aspects to choose a good grapefruit. There are many kinds of grapefruit, including Shatian grapefruit, Guanxi honey grapefruit, Siji grapefruit, Liangshan grapefruit, Hongxin grapefruit, Yuhuan Wendan grapefruit and jiangyongxiang grapefruit.

Tips for choosing grapefruit:

1. Grapefruit with delicate and smooth skin is delicious.

If the surface of grapefruit is rough and too yellow, it may be because of long time or bad growth. Grapefruit with fine and clean skin, pale yellow or orange yellow color is mature and juicy and sweet.

2. Grapefruit with thin skin is delicious.

Use a knife to cut the grapefruit. If the skin is thick, it will not be delicious. The delicious grapefruit skin is generally thin. Or press the epidermis by hand. If it is hard, it means the skin is thin. If it is soft, it means the skin is thick.

3. The heavier grapefruit is delicious.

The heavier grapefruit contains more water, so it's delicious. For grapefruit of the same size, first weigh it with your right hand, then weigh the second one. Pay attention not to use the left and right hands at the same time for comparison, because the feeling thresholds of the left and right hands are different. It's better to use a scale.

4. The grapefruit is delicious.

If the upper neck is longer, it means less meat and more skin. It's better to choose grapefruit with short neck, flat circle and flat bottom.

matters needing attention:

1. After the grapefruit is cut, it should not be placed for too long, otherwise, it will cause water loss of the pulp and make the pulp dry and lose its original taste.

2. Cut open the grapefruit. If you haven't finished eating, you'd better cover it with the grapefruit skin or hold it with a plastic wrap.

3. You can't take antihypertensive drugs while eating grapefruit.

After eating the grapefruit skin, if you peel it completely, you can also make lanterns for children, which not only increases the festival atmosphere, but also saves money and environmental protection. How to choose grapefruit, have you learned?