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What about always losing your hair? Four ways to prevent it

Some of my friends told me that recently my hair has dropped so badly that a small amount of it can fall off with a flick. Isn't that hair loss? If it goes on for a long time, the scalp will leak out, which is ugly.

Young hair loss, soon joined the queue of baldness, which is the trouble of many men and women. Hair loss is no longer a patent for the elderly. Now many young people also have hair loss, especially the young people with high pressure. How can we prevent hair loss?

1, diet

People who often eat greasy food are more likely to lose their hair. People who like sweet food and spicy food are also more likely to lose their hair. Because greasy, sweet food and spicy food can stimulate our hair follicles, make the brain follicles secrete more oil, cause folliculitis and seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp, which indirectly lead to hair loss. Therefore, if you eat greasy, spicy and sweet food, you should also ban smoking And wine.

2. Pressure relief

If a person is under the pressure of overload for a long time, it is easy to cause people to be in a state of tension and depression for a long time, which will also affect the local microcirculation of the head, lead to the disorder of head circulation and hair loss. Therefore, to prevent hair loss, it is good to know how to decompress yourself, go out for a walk and listen to music.

3. Sleep

Often insomnia, sleep time can not be guaranteed, the body can not get enough rest, so it is easy to lose hair, therefore, to prevent hair loss to ensure adequate sleep.

4. Less dye and perm

Hair dye and perm is a fashion. Walking on the street, people who dye and perm hair can be seen everywhere. People who dye and perm hair believe that they all have the feeling that their hair becomes dry and astringent. Our hair is often dyed and permed, and our scalp is also very hurt. Many people lose a lot of hair after dyeing and perm. Protect your hair, less dye and perm.