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Is red grapefruit a genetically modified fruit? Nutritional value of red grapefruit

Red heart grapefruit, also known as red heart honey grapefruit and red heart grapefruit, has a large, thin skin, seedless flesh, and a light purple red flesh, which looks particularly beautiful and attractive. Many friends are afraid to eat it because they are afraid of genetically modified fruit. So is red heart grapefruit genetically modified fruit? What is the nutritional value of red heart grapefruit?

Nutritional value of red heart grapefruit

1. Red meat pomelo is rich in vitamin A, which can promote the normal growth and development of bone, and the baby will grow healthier after eating.

2. Red flesh pomelo contains certain natural folic acid, which can protect the health of pregnant women.

3. Red meat pomelo contains a lot of dietary fiber and vitamin P, which is the best partner for beauty loving women to keep their figure.

4. Patients with hypertension often use drugs to discharge excess sodium from the body, while red pomelo is the best food therapy fruit for them, which contains the essential natural mineral potassium, and almost no sodium.

5. Red heart pomelo also contains beta - carotene and lycopene, which are recognized as strong antioxidants in the world, which help to eliminate free radicals in human body, improve immunity and delay aging.

Is red heart pomelo genetically modified

Hongxin pomelo is not genetically modified. Hongxin pomelo is a new early maturing and excellent strain selected from pomelo by Lishui Institute of forestry for 15 years. It passed the examination and approval of Zhejiang forest variety examination and Approval Committee in 2003. Through the comprehensive evaluation and systematic measurement of fruit characteristics, quality, adaptability, stress resistance and high yield, the genetic characteristics of zuohongyou are stable and adaptable, which can be used as a good variety of grapefruit in Southwest Zhejiang Province.

Red flesh honey pomelo contains certain natural folic acid, which can protect the health of pregnant women.

How to eat red heart grapefruit

1. Red heart grapefruit tea

Ingredients: 1 red heart pomelo, 300g honey, proper amount of crystal sugar, a little apple vinegar

How to do it: scrub the surface of pomelo with salt, plane out the outermost layer with a plane, and don't peel off the rest. Cut half of the pomelo peel into shreds, then boil for 30 minutes, then soak for 30 minutes. When boiling grapefruit peel, take out the pulp and break it. Put the grapefruit meat, the treated grapefruit peel and the ice sugar into the pot together. Do not add water, add a little apple vinegar, and cook slowly over medium heat. Stir and squeeze continuously during the cooking process, so that the juice will be faster. Cook for about half an hour. Turn off the heat and let cool. Add honey and stir well. Then repack it into a glass bottle without oil and water and put it into the refrigerator for refrigeration.

2. Red heart grapefruit and orange drink

Materials: 1 red heart pomelo, half orange, 150ml amino acid drink, proper amount of crushed ice

Method: wash the grapefruit and orange separately, cut them into small pieces, peel and remove the core, take out the pulp and put it into the juice machine, add the amino acid beverage and crushed ice, and stir evenly.