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How does Alipay ant forest prevent energy from being stolen?

Alipay ants forest can increase their energy value by absorbing their friends' energy, so how can they prevent their energy being stolen? Now let's introduce a small method, let's take a look.

How can Alipay ant's forest energy be prevented from being stolen?

Before putting out the protective cover, maybe the answer to this question is to get up early to collect your own energy or delete your friends and leave no one else. This method can't be naive and doesn't consider the reality.

Now the most effective and direct way is to buy a protective cover. Once the protective cover is used, it can prevent others from stealing their own energy.

The ant forest protection method is as follows.

After entering the ant forest interface, you can see the [props] icon on the right side of the page. You can exchange 200 ant points with one click. It is worth mentioning that if you are a diamond member, you can exchange 3-day shield, while other members can only exchange 1-day shield.