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What are the 2018 Alipay loans for Alipay loans?

Alipay is the leading independent third party payment platform in China. It has a very wide range of functions. Is Alipay able to make loans? What are the ways in which Alipay can borrow? Here, I'd like to introduce you. Let's have a look.

What are the ways in which Alipay can borrow?

1. Ant flowers

As long as the credit score reaches a certain requirement, you can have the opportunity to get Alipay's invitation to open the ant flower chant, which can be repaid 10 days before the month, without extra interest. However, if the overdue repayment is not made in time, the penalty interest shall be calculated as 0.05% of the daily interest.

2. I'll borrow the ants

Ant loan is a very mature way of cash loan. It's very convenient and the interest rate is very low. It's very popular with young people. The maximum amount of loan is 300000 yuan.

3. Zhaolian haojidai

As long as the user's Sesame credit score reaches 650, he can apply to open Zhaolian good term loan. The loan limit is between 2000-50000 yuan, and the loan term is up to one year. The repayment can be calculated according to the daily interest.

4. Anyihua

Anyihua is also a small loan method launched not long ago. Its loan line is 500-20000 yuan, which can be applied as long as the credit score reaches 600 points, with daily interest of 0.0483% and revolving line.

Is Alipay small loan safe?

The above loan channels are supported by such a big company as Alibaba, which is much more reliable than other private micro loans. Moreover, the application conditions are mainly based on Sesame credit, and the application method is very convenient, fast and convenient for repayment.

It is worth mentioning that Alipay small loans will also enter the personal credit system, so we must follow the repayment date implementation, it is best not to overdue.