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Don't wash your hair before you go to bed! It's too dangerous

Now the air pollution is serious, the hair is not greasy in one day. I feel like I wash my hair every day, but it's really not good to wash my hair at that time. For example, before going to bed at night, if your hair is still wet, you will go to bed. When you get up in the morning, you will feel dizzy and painful. It's wet hair on your pillow all night. How can you not have a headache.

No matter in the process of waking or sleeping, the human body has been in the process of metabolism. It will continuously produce heat and maintain the body temperature. Similarly, these heat will also be transmitted through the blood and distributed to the outside world in different ways.

People with strong body resistance have normal thermoregulation function, heat production and emission are almost balanced and in a balanced state. That is to say, if the body temperature drops, the heat generated by the body will increase, and the heat emitted will decrease, keeping the body temperature at 37-deg; left and right. If the body resistance is relatively poor, the ability of thermoregulation will be relatively poor, so when a part of the body is cold or the body is cold, it is easy to catch cold.

After washing the hair with hot water, the capillary will expand due to the effect of warm heat, and the heat emitted by the body will increase. Because the hair is wet after washing the head, a large amount of water will also evaporate, and at the same time, it will take a lot of heat away. Due to the increase of heat dissipation, the body will catch cold, which is easy to let some virus and bacteria enter, causing upper respiratory tract infection, so there are colds, runny nose, headache, even fever, etc.

If the hair is not dry, it's better not to sleep. At this time, the body's thermoregulation function is reduced, and it's more likely to have a cold.

And the dangers of washing your hair before you go to bed

Washing your hair before going to bed is easy to cause headache and cold, as well as facial paralysis and insomnia.

1. Insomnia

After washing the head before going to bed, people will be more energetic and neurologically excited. Besides affecting sleep, it will also reduce our sleep quality.

2. Facial paralysis

If you wash your hair before going to bed, you will fall asleep if your hair is not dry, which may cause facial paralysis. This is because, when sleeping, the facial nerve is in the most relaxed state, and the resistance is also the lowest. If it is stimulated by wet hair at this time, it is easy to affect the nerve behind the ear, leading to facial spasm, which causes facial paralysis, especially in winter, because of the cold weather, it is more likely to cause facial paralysis.

So when is the best time to wash your hair?

In the morning and evening, it is not suitable for hair washing. The best time for hair washing is in the afternoon. But most office workers don't have time to wash their hair at noon. They can wash their hair after a rest at night. Remember to dry it. If it's past nine, it's not recommended to wash your hair.