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How to maintain leather bag

How to maintain leather bag many leather bags on the market are cheap and have various styles, which are popular with women. However, leather bags also have many disadvantages, such as wrinkles and cracks, so how to maintain leather bags? Let's take a look at it!

Insufficient grease, easy to dry

Leather, like human skin, has capillaries to secrete oil. If the oil is insufficient, it will dry and age, and lose toughness and luster. Therefore, to maintain a good leather bag, it is necessary to take care of it as well as your own skin; through daily simple maintenance, it can make the leather bag more durable.

Therefore, it is important to moisten leather bags regularly. When the weather is dry, the skin of human body is easy to dry and crack; similarly, the natural oil of leather itself will gradually reduce with time or too many times of use, resulting in leather hardening, even wrinkles and fading. If the oil content is less, the leather baby will become too dry, resulting in the separation of leather color and damage to the bag.

If the leather bag is worn, it can be coated with colorless leather maintenance cream. After it penetrates slowly, it can be polished with a clean and soft cloth, which can make the leather reappear bright luster and prevent the leather from drying.

3 key points of maintenance

1. moistureproof

The leather bag is most afraid of moisture and mildew. Once mildew occurs, it means that the leather tissue changes, and permanently leaves stains and damages the bag. If the leather bag is moldy, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. But if you keep it in a humid environment, it will get moldy again after a while.

Leather bags should be stored away from damp places as far as possible, such as near the toilet. Simple moistureproof methods include purchasing moistureproof agent, or often wiping the bag with soft cloth, so that the bag blows and breathes.

The bag should be put in the ventilated place. The best way is to put it in the air-conditioned room. Do not wipe the leather bag with a wet paper towel or a wet cloth, because the leather is the most moisture and alcohol free.

2. admission

Do not put the bag in the original box. After use, it should be packed in dust-proof bags to avoid leather color oxidation.

In order to prevent contamination or deformation, she suggested wrapping the newspaper with white cotton paper and stuffing it into the bag, so as to prevent the bag from deforming without use and also avoid newspaper contamination. She cautioned against stuffing small pillows or toys into bags, which only promote the formation of mold.

3. Use and care

To prolong the service life of leather bags, it is necessary to pay attention to regular maintenance, and regularly wipe and maintain with different leather special maintenance oil. Also pay attention to the following use and care tips:

★ always use the leather bag you purchased.

★ clean up regularly and moisten the leather bag regularly.

★ pay attention to whether the bag is moldy, and ensure that the bag is stored in the ventilation place.

All in all, as long as the leather bag is used carefully and is not scratched, drenched or contaminated by stains, it is the basic common sense to maintain the leather bag.

Prevention is better than treatment, and diligent maintenance of leather bags can not only avoid dirt contamination, damp and mildew of leather bags, otherwise, when dirt contamination is too long, there is no way to remove it. If you are not sure about the maintenance of leather bag, you may as well send the leather bag to a professional leather maintenance center for thorough cleaning and maintenance, which is not only labor-saving but also labor-saving.

What should I do when the leather bag meets water?

Leather bags are the most taboo to touch water. If you accidentally touch water, first dry it with a clean cloth, and then dry it in the ventilated place. Remember, don't take it to the sun for the sake of speed. The high temperature will only cause the color of the bag to oxidize and fade, and the leather to harden and crack easily.

In addition, do not let the leather bag directly contact with the sun or close to any heating body. You can use an electric fan to dry the bag, but remember to adjust it to the 'cold air' mode; because the hot air will make the leather more and more dry, shrink, and damage the quality and style of the bag.