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How can I fix the tight jeans for you!

How to make new jeans too tight skinny jeans are popular now. In order to highlight their proud figure, many girls buy jeans that are even more tight than tights. Sometimes jeans are too tight and inconvenient to move. How can we make jeans looser? Let's have a look!

1. Wash the jeans first, then soak them in the water containing fabric softener (the concentration may be higher) for 1-2 hours, and the jeans will become soft. After drying, put them on your body and squat down several times, the pants will become loose (applicable to pants without special treatment of jeans fabric).

2. After washing the pants with warm water and drying them in the sun, use a large hanger to keep the pants open all the time, and they will get bigger.

3. Get them to the laundry and let them use the special fluffy reagent to achieve good results. They will not walk and the texture will be softer and looser.

4. If it's white jeans, 84 disinfectant vacuoles can be used for a period of time. If it is colored, it can be blown down with the hot air of the electric blower. The role is to let the elastic fiber aging. After these two methods are done, they are irrecoverable!

5. When wearing, squat down frequently, which can also make the pants loose. First, make sure that the pants are not elastic. The more elastic they are, the easier they are to be loose. On the contrary, if the elasticity is small, or even inelastic, the range of easing will not be very large.