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Which is better, gas water heater or electric water heater? The advantages and disadvantages of the

Winter is the peak season to buy water heaters, but at present, there are mainly two kinds of water heaters on the market: electric water heater and gas water heater. Many consumers don't know which kind of water heater to buy. Today's editor will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the two, hoping to help you!

Which one should be selected according to the user's needs. Generally, the domestic electric water heaters are water storage electric water heaters. Because the cost of the hot electric water heaters is relatively high, the water storage electric water heaters are generally selected. Which one is better, the gas water heater or the electric water heater (here we only talk about the water storage electric water heaters)?

Heat production quantity

Gas water heater has 5-8 liters, which means that it can produce 5-8 liters of hot water at 50 ℃ per minute. The electric water heater has 30-90 liters.

When taking a bath in winter, if you don't master the bath time well and you haven't finished taking a bath after 30-90 liters of water is used up, you should wait in the bathroom.

Rate of heating

Most of the gas water heaters are fast water heaters, and the hot water required can be delivered immediately.

The electric water heater needs to be electrified in advance for about half an hour before it can be used.

Stability of water temperature

Gas water heater is fast heating, with temperature adjustment device, it will always supply hot water with constant temperature.

The electric water heater is a positive displacement water storage device. With the use, the water temperature in the tank gradually drops.

Energy consumption comparison

Electric water heaters cost about 60 yuan a month, and most of them can heat and store hot water when electricity is low.

With the increasing price of gas, the energy consumption cost of gas water heater is naturally higher.

Installation contrast

The installation of gas water heater is complex and noisy.

Electric water heater does not have this problem, some electric water heaters can even be wrapped in the ceiling, which does not affect the overall decoration style.

Summary: gas water heater and electric water heater have their own advantages and disadvantages. They have been compared above. The specific selection should be based on the user's needs. It is recommended to use gas water heater if you like to use hot water at any time. It is recommended to use water storage electric water heater if you have more family members and have a centralized bath at night.